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Be Safe on the Roads

Technical expertise, customer-focused service and strategic risk management have established us as a market leader in the commercial motor sector. We work closely with brokers to offer cover to motor fleets in the UK and Ireland for their legal liabilities to others, as well as own damage, if required. Our underwriters are empowered to make decisions quickly and efficiently. No matter what your trade or size of business, we will work hard to understand your challenges and try to find a solution to meet your precise needs. Added to that, we are one of the few insurers that can support customers with non-conventional arrangements, such as captives. We also offer cross-class packages in the UK and Europe. Our aim is to build a relationship that is more than an annual insurance contract; we look to provide ongoing support, such as help with budgeting for future insurance costs and effective risk management support.

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Insurance Approved Dash Cams - Super HD Black Box - SI

Insurance Fraud Caught On Dash Camera - Dashcam Fail Insurance Fraud

Dash cams have skyrocketed in popularity after the past few years and there are now almost 11 million motorists using one on the roads. The reason for this is as it acts as a line of defence motorists can in the case of a crash but they can save you money. The small video cameras are mounted to the windscreen and record the road ahead while you are driving. The cash incentive of owning a has been well publicised and drivers can save up to 30 per cent off the cost of their premium by adopting them. In addition to this, they give the motorist peace of mind when they have an accident as they can help to validate your claim.

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Own-Occupation Policy

Guide to Income Protection Insurance (UK) :: Drewberry™

This type of insurance policy is contingent on the individual being employed at the time the disability occurs. But what actually determines a disability? The key factor in an own-occupation policy is how "disabled" is defined in an insurance contract. Because the definition on own-occupation is very flexible, persons covered under an own-occupation policy may find another job and still receive full benefit payments. Under a modified policy, the definition of disabled includes persons not working at the time of their disablement. These types of insurance policies apply to highly trained individuals, such as surgeons.

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