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Case Study: The "Serious Injury" Threshold New York Injury Lawyers Blog October 30,

What are No-Fault Benefits?

TITLE PART Such professional health services should be necessary for the treatment of the injuries sustained and within the lawful scope of the licensee's practice. Charges for the services shall be covered pursuant to schedules promulgated under section of the Insurance Law and Part 68 of this Title Regulation The services need not be initiated through referral by a treating or practicing physician. Charges for such services shall be covered pursuant to schedules promulgated under section of the Insurance Law. In order for an insurer to be entitled to offset or deduct payments received by a claimant under a particular wage continuation plan, the plan must meet all of the following conditions:.

See Car Accidents & Insurance Issues for legal information on no-fault and the definition, straight from the statute, New York Insurance Laws section (d). New York Insurance Law - ISC ISC NY INS Section Read the code on FindLaw. IN ALL 50 STATES York policyholder can purchase Med Pay coverage separately from the mandatory [3] No-Fault Insurance Laws New York's no -fault insurance law, formerly known as the Y. Ins. Law (a)(4) and ( a)(4).

If you were involved in a car crash and sustained a personal injury with a driver who only had these minimum policy limits, you may not receive adequate compensation for your injuries. To protect yourself from this unfortunate situation, NY auto insurance laws permit you to purchase additional insurance known as underinsurance protection that will provide additional coverage when you are injured in an accident with a driver with low policy limits.

It is important toyou speak to your insurance broker and ask him or her to obtain proper and adequate amounts of underinsurance for you and your family. New York drivers and their spouses recently won an important battle in New York State when the law was changed to allow insurance coverage to protect a spouse involved in a car accident.

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Now, this special and unfair protection given to automobile insurance companies in New York State has been eliminated.

But in order to get the proper protection, you must insist that your insurance company provide a special endorsement on your car insurance policy.

If you have New York State insurance, contact your insurance broker immediately and request that your auto insurance coverage contain the special spouse endorsement as well as proper limits for underinsurance injury protection.

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NY Auto Insurance Laws. NY Auto Insurance Laws can be very confusing.

If the unemployed applicant is not eligible for such disability benefits, the insurer shall pay an amount equal to the lost unemployment benefits. Such loss of earnings is eligible basic economic loss, but is not subject to the percent offset from loss of earnings provided for in section b 1 of the Insurance Law.

Insurance Law. C) The instant action was commenced with the filing of a summons and complaint on or about August 9, Issue was joined with the. New York's Insurance Law Section (d). Serious injury means a personal injury which results in death; dismemberment; significant disfigurement;. As defined by New York State Insurance Law Section (d) a serious injury must fit into one of the following nine specifically defined categories: (1) death.

However, the insurer shall reimburse the applicant for benefits lost which would have been received had the applicant not been disabled e. The monthly limitation on the aggregate of work loss and substitute services shall not be prorated in the event that one is unable to work or is required to obtain substitute services for a period less than one month.

or operation of a motor vehicle (Insurance Law ). A motor read in conjunction with Insurance Law (a) which defines basic economic loss. Basic. (3) Pursuant to section (a)(1) of the Insurance Law, an insurer shall not be liable for the payment of medical and other benefits enumerated in section. New York Insurance Law (d) lays out the definition of what types of injuries will be considered sufficiently serious for the victim to pursue money.

A month shall be each consecutive period of 30 days beginning with the date of the accident unless the injury extends for more than one year, in which case there shall be 12 monthly payment periods for the period from the date of accident to each annual anniversary of the accident date. Where the applicant sustains other reasonable and necessary expenses, such services must be actually performed for a charge by a person who is not legally obligated to render them and would not ordinarily perform such services as part of a family relationship; provided, however, that if a member of a family or relative suffers pecuniary loss in order to render such services, such person shall be reimbursed to the extent of the reasonable value of such services.

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