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CHEW Car Hire Insurance Review

As a regular reader of Guardian Money I consulted your pages before arranging car hire for a recent family holiday in Rome. We shopped around and chose Maggiore, a firm with a good reputation according to online reviews. Instead of signing up for its expensive excess insurance cover, we bought a policy with WorldWideInsure. Driving in Italy is always challenging, and my husband smashed a wing mirror against a tree. We filed an insurance claim when we got home, but WorldWideInsure is refusing to pay out on our claim until we can provide a copy of the final repairs invoice. We have sent repeated emails to Maggiore and ClaimEz the claims handling company used by WorldWideInsure and have also tried to contact them directly, but so far they have not replied.

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Here's How Insurance Works For Exotic Car Reviews

It is our intention to provide a high level of service at all times - if you have a poor experience, trust us when we say, we will be extremely disappointed if we could have done better. We hope that you have an excellent experience as one of our customers, but if you do feel the need to make a complaint, or provide us with some negative feedback, we want this to be as simple as possible for you. It won't do us any good to have you even more annoyed with us! You may be entitled to refer the matter subsequently to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service by telephone on 0 and further information is available at the Financial Ombudsman.

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