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U-Haul Truck Rental Review: Price, Service, & More

Fraud Files: Crashing U-Haul Trucks for Cash

U-Haul offers the most affordable coverage programs in the truck rental industry to relieve our customers of responsibility for damage to U-Haul equipment. One of the most common accident reports that we see with these rental trucks comes from a rock cracking the windshield. For unexpected events such as this, select a damage coverage option to compliment your truck rental. Damage coverage is essential because all major credit cards and most car insurance policies do not typically cover our rental equipment. Many personal auto policies exclude coverage for rental vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 9, lbs or higher or vehicles with a max load capacity greater than 2, lbs. Unlike some truck rental companies, you have an option to choose any of our protection packages and are not required to provide proof of insurance to rent our equipment.

Authorized drivers or permissive users are also covered as long as they are at least 18 years of age and have a valid goverment issued driver's license. Safemove provides protection for the U-Haul rental truck and everything inside it including cargo, drivers and passengers. View Safemove details. Plus exclusion free coverage on the damage waiver for any "accidental damage" to the rental truck giving you the "all-around" coverage that you need. View Safemove Plus details.

It is a requirement of U-Haul, that to select Safemove Plus you must you pay your deposit and rental by credit card.

Don't assume you're covered! Most auto insurance policies do not typically cover our rental equipment. Check with your carrier to be certain.

Why you should get the insurance on a U-Haul truck

Get protection and peace of mind for even your smaller moves. Our pickup trucks and cargo vans are ideal for carrying people, home improvement projects, deliveries and other small loads.

Fortunately, I paid for the U-Haul insurance so the vehicle damage was covered. But the vehicle is not the problem. The property damage to the. Read our in-depth U-Haul review to get the lowdown on its prices, but U-Haul usually gives you an allotted number of miles you have to stay under. U-Haul offers two types of insurance coverage plans: SafeMove and. Forty-three people have been arrested for allegedly faking U-Haul truck accidents to collect insurance money, according to a report by The.

Make sure you're covered no matter what equipment you're renting. The Collision Damage Waiver is the only level of coverage available for U-Haul pickup trucks and vans. Collision with an overhead object and cut, blown, or damaged tires are two specific exclusions not covered by Safemove or CDW. Ask your local representative for details. At no time will Safemove, Safemove Plus or Safetow cover theft of your owned motor vehicle, accessories, or personal contents in the towed trailer or rented truck.

Mechanical damage including damage to the transmission or drive train as the result of attempting to rock the truck back and forth when stuck in the ice, mud or snow, is specifically excluded with Safemove, Safemove Plus coverage.

In the event you experience this situation, please call for assistance. For a list of other exclusions, see the rental contract addendum provided with your rental contract.

Answers to frequently asked questions. General information includes questions related to location hours, acceptable forms of identification and payment, and. People who are moving know that they need some sort of coverage, but A benchmark for the entire industry, SafeMove by U-Haul, comes. Tom Ingrassia almost didn't buy rental truck insurance when he booked a U-Haul to relocate from Ohio to Massachusetts for work. It was only.

These programs may or may not be in excess of what your current insurer already provides. Please check with your insurer to see if your insurance will cover rental trucks and trailers.

However, your personal insurance policy providing coverage on an owned automobile, or other personal policy, may provide additional coverage, and to the extent, ALI may provide a duplication of coverage.

You should check with your insurance carrier prior to your rental. The protection afforded by SLI if it is acceptedis primary to your own policies.

Since , U-Haul has been serving do-it-yourself movers and their households . your involving your stored goods and you purchased SafeStor Insurance?.

You and authorized drivers are covered while driving your U-Haul rental truck within the United States and Canada, but only if the truck is rented and returned in the United States. Your personal auto policies may or may not cover rental trucks.

Your policy should be thoroughly checked for the terms and conditions associated with rental trucks. If you are not sure of the extent of your policy's coverage, ask your insurance agent or your insurance company U-Haul representatives and agents are not qualified to evaluate the adequacy of your personal auto policy.

U-Haul offers the most affordable coverage programs in the truck rental industry to relieve our customers of responsibility for damage to U-Haul equipment. Like rental car companies, services like U-Haul encourage customers to buy company-provided coverage that absolves them of financial. Whether U-Haul's auto insurance policies are worth it depends on a variety of factors. Learn more by comparing the pros and cons.

No credit card companies cover rental trucks. As with any policy, you should check the extent of the coverage carefully with the card issuer. All exclusions, terms and conditions are stated in the policy; it is important that you read the policy carefully.

Damage coverage

Repwest Insurance Company is a United States insurance company incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona and is licensed to sell insurance products in all states and the District of Columbia, excluding Hawaii and Canada. All products are not offered in all states. Please refer to the product pages for applicable states of coverage.

The descriptions of Repwest Insurance Company's insurance products and services on this World Wide Web site are provided for your general information. The insurance products and services are subject to the terms and conditions of the policies issued. Please review your policy when received for complete information.

Product availability varies by state. Repwest Insurance Company makes no representation that the content provided is applicable or appropriate for use in other locations. Safemove, Safestor and Safetow are subject to exclusions set forth in the U-Haul rental and storage rental contract. But the circumstances of a truck or trailer rental are different from those of a car rental. The credit card you use to pay for the rental may offer additional coverage, which usually kicks in after your own insurance has paid out.

U haul insurance number

This misconception could wind up costing you. You may have to purchase additional cargo coverage to ensure that your belongings will be insured. However, if you have homeowners or renters insurance, odds are you have some protection. However, you may not need additional coverage for one of your most valuable personal items.

As long as you have collision or comprehensive insurance, any damage to your car on your way to your new home should be covered. Most of the big-name companies that rent trucks to consumers including U-Haul, Penske and Budget have similar protection plans.

Both include coverage for damage to the rental truck and your personal belongings, as well as medical and life coverage.

Safemove Plus also includes driver liability for approximately twice the premium. Penske and Budget allow customers to select from a menu of coverage options, rather than bundling.

However, the insurance option alone on a Penske truck is more expensive than buying a package from U-Haul in most cases, and the difference is more pronounced the longer your move.


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