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Top 10 3DS Visual Novel Games

It does not include games released on DSiWare. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Destination Software. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Zoo Digital Publishing. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

User Info: NinjaSquirtle. Just play the real life dating sim. User Info: OdaNobuna.

Best ds dating games

Island Days japanese. User Info: llysender.

Might as well just get a PSP so I can play the patched versions on the go. NinjaSquirtle posted I already have a girlfriend, we've been dating for around 8 months now.

Even so, I still want to play a waifu simulator.

They seem fun. OdaNobuna posted Time to get a PSP. RAVE Reviews is an authoritative and entertaining guide for consumer goods, entertainment, and travel. It's not a product review site or a lifestyle magazine. Contact Us. News in Focus Browse News Releases.

jedinat 4 years ago#2. There's a fan translation for Love Plus on the DS. Just play the real life dating sim. 3DS FC: best dating sim games Nintendo Ds, Nintendo Consoles, Ds Games, Mini Games?,. Visit Project Rub is a Mini video game for Nintendo DS. This game. Well there are not too many Otome games on the Nintendo DS to begin with, especially ones that are English translated. The two biggest and.

Multimedia Gallery. Trending Topics. While New Super Mario Bros. However it takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS' dual-screen setup and adds touch screen features and even wireless multiplayer compatibility.

Who says an old plumber can't learn new tricks? The third Mario game on the list is there for good reason - it's an awesome, albeit weird, game.

In Partners in Time, Mario and Luigi partner up with none other than their younger selves. As strange as it sounds, you get to control both the adult and baby sets of Mario Bros.

The game gets a little out of control, but in this case, that's a good thing. Spirit Tracks sends our hero Link on a brand-new adventure, offering a totally new story with more puzzles, and so on.

Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Simulation Games - 3DS Sim Games

While Spirit Tracks is actually the second Legend of Zelda game for Nintendo DS, it trumps the first in almost every way, offering challenging boss battles and excellent gameplay. Link travels by train, as the name suggests, opening up new possibilities for puzzles and interesting challenges.

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are great games, but fans of the early generations may find themselves a little lost at the number of Pokemon to catch. HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of Gold and Silver for Game Boy Color, which are considered by many to be some of the best Pokemon games ever made, and for good reason. The game takes place in the Johto region and offers ated graphics, touch controls, and even the ability to use the 'Pokewalker' - essentially a glorified Tamagotchi - to take your Pokemon wherever you go.

It's a PC point-and-click classic, but bringing a new and improved version of the original Broken Sword title to the portable Nintendo DS was a stroke of genius on the part of Nintendo and Revolution software. The dual-screen touch elements of the Nintendo DS work extremely well with the point-and-click style of play and Broken Sword is one of the best games in the genre to show this.

The game follows the original story of George Stobbart as he travels across the world to unravel the Templar conspiracy. To draw in those who had already played the game, though, the Director's Cut added new puzzles specifically suited to the DS touchscreen, animated facial expressions, and a brand new complementary storyline which follows George's fellow adventurer Nico Collard to new locations and adds more depth to the original story.

In this ranking, RAVE serves up the best DS games from a variety of But if those two met on an online dating site, 9 months later, you'd have. SRPG: Disgaea, everything else on the DS is crap. Dating + ARPG: Rune Factory 3 for some quick and casual gameplay with flashier combat. Sprung - The Dating Game (U)(GBXR) ROM System: Nintendo DS Size: M. Rune Factory - A Fantasy Harvest Moon (U)(XenoPhobia) ROM.

The only downside is that the DS version lacks the excellent voice acting of Rolf Saxon. Fortunately, the script is good enough to stand on its own.

Chinatown Wars is an entirely new entry to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and it carries on the tradition of a game in which players can roam the world and so whatever they want.

there was one good RPG but for GBA that was based on the dating sim elements, for the DS there are none that i could recommend, even if. Sprung: A Game Where Everyone Scores - Nintendo DS: Artist Not Provided: Video Games. More than 50 dating missions; Club passes; Deal with the drama queens and kings #1 Best Seller in Nintendo Switch Cases. This is a sortable list of video games on the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and DSi handheld game Nintendogs: Best Friends, Nintendo, Nintendo, ?October 24, (NA), No, Yes, No. Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends.

Of course, there are also awesome missions to complete along the way, and while there are a few things that have been left out in the handheld version of the game, plenty has also been added, making Chinatown Wars one of the best and only mature-rated Nintendo DS games out there. While Spirit Tracks is arguably a better game, Phantom Hourglass is its enjoyable predecessor filled with familiar features and well-worn gameplay.

Phantom Hourglass is a little more casual than other Legend of Zelda games and arguably a little easier too, but that doesn't make it any less of a seriously entertaining pocket adventure. Dawn of Sorrow is set around a year after Aria of Sorrow, and follows a cult that wants to resurrect a dead Dracula. Soma Cruz gets entangled in the plans and must now find a way to stop the resurrection from happening.

RAVE Reviews Releases Ranking of Best DS Games

Unlike many other Nintendo DS games, most of the action takes place on the bottom screen, while the top screen is reserved for maps, character information, and so on. Many suggest that Dawn of Sorrow is one of the best Castlevania games of all-time, and for good reason - it's beautifully designed, offers great battle scenarios, and finds the perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. Samus is obviously the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Or is she?

Don't put your Nintendo DS in the retirement home yet, there are some awesome games out there for the classic handheld.

A total of six other bounty hunters are looking to gain that title, which is the premise behind Hunters.

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