Two Things Smart Women Do to Attract Smart Men

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Why Smart, Successful Men Are Miserable With Women

Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by - Fulfillment at Any Age. Having a partner who will be faithful is certainly one of the most desirable goals anyone can have in a long-term relationship. If only you could predict whether a current or prospective partner will fulfill this goal, how much simpler and happier your life would be. A new study by Jaako Aspara and colleagues , of the Hanken School of Economics Finland , suggests that when it comes to picking a male partner, the smarter one is the better bet. Aspara et al.

You have a really mean look about you. So, how long you been working as a receptionist? You can then have a conversation with her about that and transition into talking about other things.

Say, for example you are talking to a woman and she mentions that she goes to university, or said that she did go to university.

And yet you still say you want a man who is smarter than you are. Sounds like the price you pay for dating a great conversationalist is pretty steep, huh? The stereotype is that men are made insecure by smart women. That's true only of the kind of guy an intelligent woman shouldn't want to date. I've been dating this man for about 5 weeks. I mean if you were really smart, instead of trying to converse with an intellectual, you'd bring him.

Now, what you need to be aware of is that when she answers that question, you have an opportunity to say something that is going to make her feel attracted to you. How long did you do that for? Are you working as a doctor now? One of the reasons why is that many highly intelligent men just want to stick to what is comfortable for them. They are comfortable with logical, straightforward, serious, intellectual and possibly philosophical conversations.

Yet, the thing is, attracting a woman during a conversation really is an easy straightforward thing to do. For example: When a woman says that she likes a nice guy, many guys end up being really, really nice to her and hoping to get a chance with her.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Smart People - Drew Barth - Dry Bar Comedy

Additionally, if a woman were to admit that she likes guys who treat her in that way, many people are going to look down on her such as co-workers, friends, family and so on.

This often leaves very highly intelligent men, good-looking men, successful men, men with a great gym body and so on on the sidelines.

So, when she meets a guy who does know how to push her buttons and make her feel sexually attracted and turned on during a conversation, she is locked on. He can then connect with her, get to a phone number, get to a kiss or get to sex that night or get her phone number, set up a date and get into a relationship with her.

So, if you are a highly intelligent man, one of the things that you need to do is to understand that there is a difference between what women say they want in a guy and what they actually feel attracted to. Many women will go around SAYING that they just want a nice guy who is patient, takes time to get to know them, takes them out on lots of dates, is very intelligent and can show them that, has a good career and so on.

Based on the attraction he is making her feel as he talks to her, that guy can get to a phone number, kiss, sex, date and into a relationship.

So, if you have been taking what women say too literally when it comes to men, one of the things you need to do is use your superior intelligence to understand that there is a difference between what women say they want in a guy and what they actually react to with feelings of attraction. An intelligent man has so many brilliant ideas and perspectives about life and wants to be able to talk about those things rather than wasting time with small talk.

So, could we just go straight to the sex? I was sitting here waiting for you to buy me a drink. Where are your manners?

Buy me a drink girl.

Absolutely miserable. My ex graduated a year early as HS valedictorian before being given a full ride for his undergrad degree in chemistry. He was courted by. When a guy can't keep up with her as she discusses the news, debates the "I think that's why dating your intellectual equal is so important. Women like you really turn these guys on, but the key word here is women. Before he wants smart, he wants female. If he just wanted smart (without the female.

How about that? When a woman feels attracted to a man, she will pretty much always agree to do that, where the man buys the first round of drinks and she buys the second round. However, if you say something like that to a woman, what happens is that she feels attracted to your confidence, to your ability to make her laugh, to your social intelligence for being able to pull off a moment like that and to your masculinity for making her feel feminine in comparison to how masculine you are being.

What a woman is essentially waiting to experience is whether or not your personality and behavior sparks feelings of sexual and romantic attraction inside of her. When you do, you will realize that there is a logical purpose to small talk and flirtatious banter between men and women.

Additionally, if a woman is friendly, easygoing, down to Earth and intelligent, then most men are actually going to have a relationship interest in her, not just a sexual interest.

The man I'm dating is highly intelligent which makes me feel deeply insecure. Help/Suggestions?

You have to create a spark between you and her by displaying personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women such as confidence, charisma, charm, the ability to make her laugh and social intelligence.

These are personality traits and behaviors that you can display during small talk and flirtatious banter. If you create a spark with her, you and her could have sex, get into a relationship and happily stay together for life. Most women are just looking for a good guy who can be normal around them and can create a spark and then get to a phone number, kiss, sex and into a relationship.

Yet, maintaining a self-image of being smarter than everyone else and having it all figured out can actually turn out to be a disadvantage to him, especially when it comes to women. So, using the examples I talked about earlier about the woman being a receptionist or having studied medicine, you can say other things as well. Come on, what do you really do for a living? So, as an intelligent man, you can understand that when you talk to a woman in a particular way, it displays certain personality traits and behaviors that naturally trigger her feelings of attraction.

I want to have sex with him. However, in pretty much every situation where a man meets a woman, he has to CREATE a spark of attraction to make her feel sexually and romantically interested in him.

Most guys are trying to get lucky with a woman, or trying to grow on a woman or hoping that they get a chance with a woman by being nice or being neutral, seeming very intelligent, bragging about their career, bragging about their achievements or what they want to achieve and so on.

Yet, the guys that experience easy, simple, straightforward and consistent success with women are the ones who know how to create a spark during an interaction with a woman. However, if you want to create a spark and make her want you in a sexual and romantic way, you have to add some other things in.

And we vary in-choose your term-cognitive ability, reasoning power, intelligence. Search for peers. Intellectual compatibility is more important to a relationship than some people realize.

To that end, dating sites can be useful. Keep intelligence in mind also as you decide whom to respond to, how you respond, and how you react to their responses. In-person opportunities?

Why Being Attracted to Smarter Men Is the Biggest Reason You’re Single

Consider taking an in-person class that would attract intelligent people; perhaps a liberal arts course at a university extension, an advanced financial planning class, for example. And afterward, usually people hang around to chat.

You might too. Also, ask friends to set you up with people they sense will be intellectually and otherwise compatible. The stereotype is that men are made insecure by smart women.

Dating a really smart guy

Good men will treasure you for your good mind. So make your intelligence core to your relationship, from first interaction onward.

For women looking for a man, it's the latter - being too smart But women's interest in men halted at those who were smarter and more.

For example, you might have deep-dive discussions of personal as well as societal issues, for example, the pros and cons of Trump's policies from liberal, conservative, and libertarian perspectives. You might go to plays, join a book club, and get together with intellectually compatible friends. Of course, unnecessary showing off is ill-advised but, like everyone in relationships, you want to be loved for who you are, and your intelligence is an important part of that. Be who you are. Romantic relationshipsincluding marriages, too often break up, often painfully.

I read this article aloud on YouTube. This is part of a series of tips for smart people. Your observation that an appropriate male partner will treasure rather than reject an intelligent female cannot be emphasized enough.

Thank you! A really smart man can be happy when he is loved. A seriously smart lady can love as well. There are 7. In the U. There are infinite ladies who would make each man happy. If you thought there was some other answer then you did not understand the question.

The smarter the man, the better for your relationship, says new research. Furthermore, the higher intellect of a smart man should also make. However, when it comes to women, dating and relationships, a lot of highly intelligent men end up feeling very confused and can't work out what women really. If there were a dating bible for the smart man, these would be its . Read the expanded version of this rant at the dating blog for really smart.

The better outcome is to be loved and to be happy. Whether she is super smart or not is unrelated to the happiness she can achieve in her lifetime. Or can share her life with to make her man happy. A lady may be smarter or less smart than her man. Either a smarter or less smart lady can have a happy life as only she can and would or should define that whether the man she chooses is smarter than she or not. Smart is just plain simply unrelated to the goal and that goal is only to achieve happiness in your lifetime.

If she truly loves you I am smart enough to recognize how that matters. Are you? Marty Nemko, Ph. Back -

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