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Why Have Insurance Companies Failed to Embrace Dash Cams?

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Motor insurer Axa Ireland is offering motorists a 10 per cent discount if they fit dash cams to their cars. The company has teamed up with camera company Nextbase in an effort to help motorists establish liability in the event of a crash. The cameras, often mounted on the centre mirror, uses a forward-looking fish-eye lens to capture an ultra-wide view of the road ahead and to the side. It records in loops of one-hour slots. By breaking the recording into small file sizes and loop recording a dash cam can continuously film, only locking down a file when the motion sensor is triggered or done manually by the driver. Footage can be reviewed on a mobile device or PC.

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Insurance recommended in car camera

Dash cam footage is now accepted and regularly used by both the police and UK courts it was only a matter of time before insurers started paying attention, too. See our expert pick of the best dash camsbased on the results of our independent dash cam tests. Axa is one of the bigger names in the UK car insurance industry.

The Axa recommend that the dash cam be 'permanently fitted' in your car. This means that it must record the road ahead on every journey you take. A professional installation is 'preferred'. But if you've done it correctly yourself, that shouldn't cause problems and Axa may occasionally request a sample video to check the dash cam is working properly.

Axa also states that mobile apps that convert your smartphone to a dash cam are not acceptable to receive this discount.

Why a dashcam could save you money on your car insurance

If you're a new customer, Swiftcover is offering a Otherwise the conditions of the discount are the same as with Axa - which makes sense as it's a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axa. The dash cam needs to record every journey you take and you must be able to provide footage where asked although Swiftcover says it won't ask for any unless you've been in an accident.

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Find out which Nextbase dash cams we recommend. It's available to both renewing and first-time customers and can be applied to a range of specialist policies.

Adrian Flux claims that dash cam footage can help speed up the claims process and is especially important when there are no witnesses and the liability is being disputed. The main condition for this discount is that the dash cam you use has to be one of the models listed on its website.

It's quite extensive see it here.

See all of the car insurance providers that will offer you a discount if you have a dash Get money off your policy with a dashboard camera. Car dash cams are catching on in the U.S., but auto-insurance companies extent, in other European countrieshas a dash-mounted camera. Car insurance premiums can be slashed by the use of a dash cam The small video cameras are mounted to the windscreen and record the.

Sure Thing! Currently, car dashcams aren't as common in the U. But U. Simple models are battery powered or plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter. With these models, you simply need to fix the camera to your dashboard or windshield. Other models are hardwired into your car's battery system, and require more technical skills and tools to complete installation.

The model you choose will depend on your personal preferences, but make sure your camera provides HD quality that can capture faces and license plate numbers in the case of an accident. Ideally, the cost of a dashcam would be offset by other incentives, such as cheaper insurance. Currently, no major insurance companies in the U.

If the bill passes, it could set a precedent for other states to follow suit. Despite the current lack of direct discounts from insurance companies, there are still a number of indirect ways in which installing a dashcam could help you save on auto insurance.

Fitting a dashboard-mounted camera could reduce your premium and help you keep your no-claims bonus, says Rob Keenan. Find out more about our insurance approved dash cams that will get you the discount Insurance Approved Dash Camera for cars and van or any other vehicle. Axa introduces discount for fitting Nextbase cameras, providing valuable evidence in the event of a collision.

The benefits of dashcams begin with how they might reduce insurance fraud by capturing on video events that trigger claims.

Insurers in no-fault states such as Florida and New Jersey where a majority of auto insurance fraud takes placecould save billions of dollars by supporting the proliferation of dashboard cameras. In order to compensate for the losses incurred by fraud, insurance companies increase the average cost of insurance for all policyholders.

But drivers don't need to wait for regulations to facilitate its decline.

Everywhere we go these days, whether it's the supermarket, a music festival or a shopping mall, we're being caught on camera. Plus socially we're being tagged. A dash cam car insurance discount doesn't yet exist, but recording your drive Fancier cameras can record even when the car is off triggered by Company, Score, Customer Who Recommend, AM Best Rating, Visit Site. You may have seen the videos, captured on dashboard cameras: a And on top of it all, your car insurance company may offer you a discount to install one. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, statements or recommendations.

By installing dashcams in their vehicles, drivers can help expose staged accidents as they occur. A firm red line, however, is that the dash cam needs to be a purpose-built system, and not a workaround such as an app on a mobile phone. Being the most inexperienced road users out there, young drivers are subject to some of the highest car insurance premiums.

In order to qualify for the MyCam policy saving, customers will need to have the Nextbase GW dash cam installed in the car. Nextbase appears to be a very popular brand with car insurers as well as dash cam buyers, as SureThing is another company that provides discounts for customers with Nextbase dash cams. There are conditions to be met in order to qualify for the discount, with perhaps the biggest being the dash cam has to be made by Nextbase.

Need a dash cam to make use of any of these discounts? You can check out our dash cam buying guide here.


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