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10 secret ways to slash the cost of your car cover . Moneywise

How To Get The CHEAPEST Car Insurance Quotes!

It is important to know who is insured to drive your car. Knowing who needs to be listed as a driver and who does not is the crucial information you need so you know your car is covered. If you are ever in doubt, ask your insurance agent before you let someone drive your car. Some insurance carriers are stricter than others when it comes to who needs to be listed on a car insurance policy as a driver. It is these irregularities in requirements that make the whole process so confusing. It could cause legal problems if you knowingly did not list a driver who was expected to be listed for your financial benefit.

You could get in an accident, get a speeding ticket, injure another driver — or a bazillion other things. So should you let a friend take that risk in a car that you own? Making this as simple as we possibly can, the main questions you should consider if you let someone borrow your vehicle are:. But in the event of an accidentinsurance coverage would follow the vehicle — not the driver.

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While you can still give permission for them to use your car, your insurance company might not be cool with it. Think of it like this: your insurance company knows your driving record and has priced your policy according to your risk. So if they were to find out that someone else was driving your car around, exposing them to risk they had not been able to assess, or potentially damaging the vehicle or hurting someone, you could find yourself a hairy situation with your insurance company.

Looking to take the next step in your relationship? Find out if combining insurance with your boyfriend's possible and insuring somebody else's car. Whether or not your girlfriend is covered under your car insurance is a tricky situation that depends heavily on your current circumstances. In some cases she will. If your girlfriend is moving into your home of she has regular access to your vehicle, it is extremely important that you review the terms and conditions of your car.

If you do let a friend drive your car and they get in an accident or otherwise cause damage, the consequences could mean:. Better to be proactive than end up paying big money down the line.

AAA bc. As a result, the clear distinctions between what an insurable interest is and is not have also become blurred, leading insurance companies to rethink the rules they follow in writing policies. One change a lot of insurers have made is starting to allow unmarried couples, including those in domestic partnerships, to purchase joint auto insurance policies.

Graeme Lambert, a year-old journalist from Dunstable, was astonished to discover that by adding his year-old girlfriend to the insurance. Jesse Levey recently saved $ a year on car insurance by having a girlfriend. The year-old Californian, who works in marketing, recently. Find out who is insured to drive a car on your car insurance policy. many policies would cover a claim with your girlfriend as a driver and require her to either.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that insurance companies understand that couples many today, although not legally married, are nevertheless in long-term committed relationships that provide a level of stability and lower risk that insurers are looking for. Second, there is a growing demand for joint insurance by unmarried couples, and insurance carriers want to get in on the action.

Will car insurance cover my girlfriend?

That's a tough question to answer. Because this is a relatively new area of insurance, the processes and details involved are still evolving.

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There are a lot of factors at play, including state laws and different insurance company rules and definitions. The truth is that if you are thinking about getting a policy that includes your boyfriend's or girlfriend's car, you are going to have to do some research and probably talk to several insurers to see, first, if they offer joint policies and, second, what rules they have to qualify.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:.

What constitutes an "unmarried couple" for auto insurance purposes? This is one where definitions are varied and fluid.

In most cases, a legal civil union will work. Another is when a couple that is living together in a domestic setting: in other words, under the same roof.

This one is almost always a requirement. One exception that a few companies are beginning to consider is couples who are engaged to be married but not living together.

Again, you are merely going to have to do some shopping around to see what different jurisdictions and companies have to say on the matter. The policy may have to be in only one partner's name.

Then again, it may be in both names, depending on the particular insurer. Some companies will insist that one partner is the primary insured and the other named as a secondary or additional insured. Couples will need to agree on one set of coverage types and limits.

10 secret ways to slash the cost of your car cover

Often, each partner will come in with different kinds of coverage, limit amounts, premium costs, deductibles, etc. If they intend to combine their coverage into one joint policy, they will have to pick one set of coverage that applies to both partners and their vehicles.

If you're living with your partner, you can add them to your car insurance policy. My girlfriend, who has insurance, got into an accident driving my vehicle. What is a named driver? And why would you add one on to your car insurance? Here we answer all of your questions on named drivers. If someone else drives your car, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise if that person is not covered by your car insurance policy. For example, are you.

If one partner has a bad driving recorda joint policy may end up costing the partner with the better record more on his or her premiums, and that would be true if you were married to one another as well.


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