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2017 Fleet Motor Insurances - Motor Insurance For Fleet Owners

Your Message. Deninsure feels that you should know what type of Motor Insurance policy you need and how you can choose the best priced policy that suits not only your needs but also your pocket. At Deninsure we are committed to providing the most affordable and best priced Insurance policy, our quotes are competitive and we have an edge when it comes to dealing with our many customers on a one to one basis providing Motor Insurance protection. Prior to taking out an Insurance policy you should think about your driving record, the type of car that you drive, the car that will be added to your policy, how much insurance will actually cost and how much you are willing to pay for your insurance? You will however be able to obtain additional cover that will help to protect you if you do have an accident or someone else is the cause of an accident that involves you.

'Any driver' policies can help maximise your business and vehicle efficiency, often for only a small uplift on your premium but allowing you to maximise efficiency. Most providers of fleet insurance will give an option to expand the policy to include "any". This may be any driver or if required any vehicle. Adding in this. If that's the case, you may need any driver car insurance. expense – usually for business purposes, such as fleet vehicles or driving schools.

We can also offer policies for any driver over 25, or any driver over 30 if this would be more appropriate. We can also offer any driver insurance on some single Commercial Vehicles. Unfortunately, many insurers see young drivers as being more prone to accidents due to a lack of driving experience. This is why we have sought insurers that understand this too and are willing to offer younger drivers the cover as part of your fleet insurance.

If yes, you will already be aware of the advantages it gives you over insuring your business vehicles separately. If no, visit our page about starting your new fleet policy with Well Dunn. Toggle navigation. Fleet Insurance. Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Van Insurance. Truck Insurance.

Electric Vehicle Insurance. Taxi Insurance. Chauffeur Insurance. Pool Car Insurance. Any driver fleet insurance enables all business vehicles to be covered under one policy and in addition you can choose to let temporary or new employees drive these vehicles if you choose the any driver option.

Any driver van insurance allows every member of staff to get behind the than one driver on the policy for one vehicle, rather than one driver being insured to But you could set up several any driver policies with a whole fleet of vans if you. Whether you run a haulage operation, a taxi company or just have a number of private cars, a fleet insurance policy can provide welcome flexibility and. Prior to taking out an Insurance policy you should think about your driving or car fleet insurance, making sure that vehicles are secure, alarmed, has some sort .

Yes it is more expensive, but for some companies the additional flexibility outweighs the extra costs. Another big plus of this type of policy is the ability to arrange one annual renewal payment date, reducing any previous overheads associated with keeping on top of separate policies and different renewal dates and maybe different insurance brokers.

No doubt you are going to want to obtain the very best policy appropriate for you and your business needs.


Due to the many intricacies that can be in v olved when purchasing this type of insurance, it is usually best to use an insurance broker that deals exclusively in any driver fleet insurance in order to not only streamline the process, but also to help you obtain the very best policy that will suit your exact needs. Any driver fleet policies are by their design more efficient and much easier to manage than numerous different insurance policies for each individual vehicle.

Fortunately, there are specialist insurance brokers that can help you limit the burden of having multiple policies and provide you with just one renewal and payment date to administer.

You can also choose to have a policy covering Any Driver to drive any vehicle, or fixed to Named Drivers for specific vehicles. fleet insurance uk.

We will provide complete policy documentation instantly on sign up completion. These documents will be stored online for access from anywhere if the internet is up. W also recommend printing off a hard copy to keep in your vehicle, should the internet be down. Compare fleet insurance makes it easy for you to quickly poll the insurance options available over a wide range of brokers.

Get a quote to insure a fleet of cars, bikes and vans or call on an 'any driver' basis, which means that anyone over the insurance policy stated. Any driver car insurance allows anyone to use your car with your Another option to consider for business is fleet insurance, this can also. Many brokers can only offer fleet cover for those aged 25 or over. However, at Well Dunn, Any vehicle; Any driver; 21 years and over; Request a quote online .

We believe it should be quick and easy to do a comparative search for any driver fleet policies. That is why we present the results in a way that can be easily compared and contrasted. This will help you to quickly pinpoint the policies that are both attractive and meet with your business needs.

Go compare any driver fleet insurance. Any Driver Fleet Insurance.

Fleet car insurance any driver

What is any Fleet driver insurance. Most providers of fleet insurance will give an option to expand the policy to include " any ". This may be any driver or if required any vehicle. To find out more see our commercial breakdown cover page.

Excess Protection This cover allows you to claim back your excess on a claim for: damage, theft or attempted theft and fire. You can claim back your policy excess on a claim where you're at fault or the other party can't be identified. Liability Insurance A liability insurance policy is essential to avoid the possibility of putting your business in jeopardy. We understand this necessity and work with the nation's leading insurers to provide the perfect policy for your business.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Our experienced team of insurance specialists work with leading UK insurers. Business Insurance Our experienced team of business insurance specialists work with leading UK insurers. Personal Vehicle Insurance Compare insurance quotes for your motorhome, campervan, caravan or car today and see how much you could save.

2017 Hire Taxi Insurance Tips - Insuring Public And Private Hire Taxi

Home Insurance Compare home insurance prices from leading UK insurers and choose the right cover for you. Call us today to get cover for your fleet of vehicles. Start a quote. You can select any of the following optional covers in addition to your fleet insurance or on their own: Breakdown Cover We offer a range of covers aimed at getting you back on the road at the scene of your breakdown.

Your fleet insurance questions answered What is Fleet Insurance?


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