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CC rental car insurance for sites like Expedia - Forums

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Do I need to take another insurance for driver and pax? On what is written here, no, it looks like that is just coverage for damage to the rental vehicle. Have you priced up using www. I assume that is the us. Not a great idea for foreigners unless you know what your doing on theses exteas, like using US Hotwire or Priceline websites. This looks to me like insurance bought from a USA.

Answer 1 of 8: Expedia and Priceline offer rental car protection at $11 per day. Framptonian spells out the failings of insurance policies offered by online travel.

Related: Best travel site rewards programs. And those who aren't covered by their own insurance, are likely covered by their credit card, he said.

Reserving a rental car online is a complex process that involves comparing Third-party travel websites, such as Orbitz,, Expedia and accident insurance and optional coverage when you pick up the car. Tons of CCs have rental car collision/damage insurance they all stipulate that if you are paying for the rental through an OTR like Expedia?. "The majority of consumers are covered by their own auto insurance, but If you sign up for that insurance, you won't be covered by the credit.

Although, MasterCard issues a few cards that don't offer coverage. Related: For sale: Dream beach homes. CardHub rated the card issuers based on the extent and length of the coverage they provide, how clearly they state what's covered and how easy it is to get claims paid.

To make sure you get covered, you must charge your entire car rental on your credit card and decline the supplemental collision damage coverage offered by the rental company. If you sign up for that insurance, you won't be covered by the credit card company.

Coverage from your credit card comes with restrictions, though, said Papadimitriou. But long story short, they told me even Priceline and Hotwire are fine so long as the same card is used in every step of the process. Usually when booking through a re-seller the optional insurance is not included, you have to pay for or decline at the pickup point.

The last thing tired travelers want to do after arriving in a new city is to stand at the car rental desk and negotiate auto rental insurance with the. Section I - Rental Car Damage. Underwritten by. Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company. Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company. Policy Number. *Covers rental car damage from collision, theft or vandalism. my question, is this option includes 3rd party liability. On what is written here, no, it looks like that is just coverage for damage to the rental vehicle.

Declining the CDW as well as putting everything on you CC is the important thing for activating that card's insurance. So far i never taken liability insurance form rental agency, but this time i wanted to take due to the upcoming trip in iceland where weather and roads are not the best and would be safe than sorry.

Check local auto insurance companies here at home for TPL. Many will offer this for cars you rent abroad, and it will be much better coverage for a much smaller premium than what the rental agency would charge.

I'm not sure if other provinces have this. You may discover at pickup time that the car rental company you rent from will not accept the coverage provided by your third-party website, and you will have to purchase additional coverage if you want to rent the car. Look carefully at the price, country-specific terms and conditions and general rental policies for the car rental company you plan to use.

It can be difficult to find this information on a car rental company's website, and customer service representatives in your own country are not likely to know anything about terms and conditions, required insurance or age requirements in another country.

Consider calling an office in your destination country to get the information you need.

If you are working with a third-party website that uses an opaque sales model, be sure to read the terms and conditions of that third-party website before you reserve a rental car. Pay special attention to information about liability insurance, theft protection coverage and collision coverage the CDW.

If you cannot determine which types of insurance and coverages are included in your rental rate, contact a customer service representative at the third-party website and ask them to send you detailed, written information about the costs of your proposed rental.

Expedia Rental Car reviews!!

Important: Be absolutely sure you understand the cancellation policy before you reserve your rental car. Some companies count late arrivals, even those caused by flight delays, as no-shows, and no-shows are typically considered to be cancellations.

Some comprehensive travel insurance bundles include an add-on CDW option. When you rent from a big online travel agency (OTA) such as Expedia or Priceline, Another independent company, Insure My Rental Car. Just damage to the rental car. Your insurance probably covers liability, but if you are an uninsured driver (as I was for a while), you will need. (7 min read) Car rental insurance may be overpriced, but waive it, and of the big online travel agencies (OTA) such as Expedia or Priceline.

If your flight is late and you have not contacted both your third-party website and your car rental company, you could end up losing your reservation and paying the entire cost of your rental. Never assume that the car rental company will hold your reservation if you have booked through a third-party website.

Some credit card companies require that you submit disputes in writing, while others will initiate an investigation if you call their customer service hotline.


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