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Driving After an Orthopedic Injury or Surgery

Cringe-Inducing Insurance Fraud, break your leg.

Below is a sampling of jury verdicts and settlements in cases where the plaintiff suffered a broken leg around the country. These verdicts might give you a better lens to the value of your case. How did we compile this list? We generated this list from a variety of sources, including our law firm's settlements and verdicts. Keep in mind there is not any scientific methodology to this sampling, and these are not necessarily reflective of the value of your claim against a State Farm insured.

With that being said, research has provided us insights as to which injuries warrant the most and least concern. One of the most extensive was conducted in by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. In reviewing 48 pieces of research covering 20 common orthopedic procedures, the investigators reported that:.

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Is it illegal to drive with a broken leg or foot?

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A Systematic Review. Clin Orthop Relat Res. More in Orthopedics. If a body part is immobilized or a joint cannot bend, you should probably not drive.

Driving involves specific movements that need to be accomplished without impairment before you can even consider sitting behind the wheel. If you have limited movement of a body part, you need to objectively assess how much your driving is impaired.

For example, if you require extra hand and arm movements to turn the steering wheel or have to adjust your foot position when pressing on the brake, your driving is likely impaired to a point where you are less in control of vehicle than is reasonable.

If the body part is not involved in driving, you still need to approach driving with caution. In the end, there are few body parts that are not involved in navigating a vehicle.

Hands on the steering wheel, one foot toggling between brake and into an auto accident or if driving somehow aggravated the injury. Dr. Marecek noted that many insurance companies and law-enforcement officials . I found that if I threw the leg with my broken foot over into the passenger foot well. In vain I pointed out the implications of this refusal: that anyone setting off on a trip by car, thinking they were insured, might face an enormous. I have just had my ankle fused and will be wearing a cast on my right (accelerator and The topic 'Car Insurance – Broken Bones' is closed to new replies.

If your neck is injured or back is sprained, it can affect your ability to look over your shoulder at a blind spot. You should check with your local road authority to verify the information written here is suitable to your situation before driving in this manner. Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car Sorry, there are no cars that match your search. Trending articles.

Car insurance broken leg

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How wrong I was.

Broken Leg: Sample Verdicts and Settlements driver is driving home from work in Baltimore County and is cut off by a USAA insured vehicle making a left turn. Exceptions may include an injury to your left knee, ankle, or foot if your car is automatic and if the . Everything You Need to Know About Broken Collarbones. No – only the right leg is used for an auto. But apparently theres insurance issues in case you have to brake suddenly etc. I would have thought.

Pushing AXA to deliver its obligation to get us all home took 27 calls from my hospital bed. Then the firm claimed it had not received my medical notes so could not even arrange a flight for me. When AXA eventually found them, I was called by a member of staff who said that flights for the whole family were being arranged - but getting the car back to England was another matter.

As neither Carolyn nor I could drive it back, we would have to make and pay for all the arrangements ourselves. In vain I pointed out the implications of this refusal: that anyone setting off on a trip by car, thinking they were insured, might face an enormous liability, even in circumstances where the company had agreed to provide alternative transport.

But I had to make the arrangements - more expensive phone calls. Meanwhile, AXA had a final trick up its sleeve.


On December 31, the day before we were due to fly, another operative phoned me and demanded my credit card details, saying that the firm was not paying for the flights after all. Our conversation became rather heated: finally she said she would check.

Settlement Value of Fractured or Broken Leg Cases

No need for a credit card after all. But it took a further five phone calls to get the confirmed flight details and a booking reference.

If you're in charge of any vehicle, you need to make sure you're fit to drive Broken legs, arms and collar bones are among the injuries most. Yes and no, as it's not specifically illegal to drive with a broken leg or in our time around car insurance, however most insurance policies will. Do I need to tell my insurance company about breaking my leg, taking into When my wife broke her wrist she was unable to drive for several weeks. I use the same foot for braking whichever type of car I drive - that way I.

However, late on New Year's Day, we were all safely home. I contacted Jatin Patel, LloydstsB director of current account services, who said: 'You've had a poor customer experience, not what we expect. But I can see it was impossible for you or your wife to drive the car home.

On this occasion, I am happy to meet this cost as a gesture of goodwill. So how can you protect yourself? I hadn't bothered to take one out because our car has never broken down, and we are covered for accidents abroad on our ordinary vehicle insurance. How we can help Contact us.


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