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Breakdown cover, assistance and recovery, whenever you need us . Green Flag

AA Breakdown Cover explained in 2 minutes

K-wide Car Breakdown Recovery Service that covers you as an individual, whatever car you are legally driving! AutoAid Breakdown are an award winning U. Your legal spouse, civil or common law partner is covered under our Car Breakdown Recovery policy for no additional cost! Our UK Breakdown and Recovery service operates more than 1, specialist recovery operators, and over 5, vehicles. AutoAid Breakdown offers a breakdown insurance policy that is personal based. K destination of your choice. Learn more.

Our sister company, EuroRescue takes the worry out of motoring abroad.

From repairing your vehicle at the roadside to recovering your vehicle all the way home With the changing of the season, there is also traditionally added impetus amongst classic and specialist car owners to get their cars back on the road again for the warmer days and weeks ahead Read More.

Motorsport Technologies have really helped in the development of road going cars.

Whether Rain or Shine, We'll Find You Cover! Compare Breakdown Cover For Cars, Vans, Motorbikes & Scooters - Get A Free Quote In Minutes!. Get breakdown cover for your car, van or motorbike that suits your needs and budget by comparing policies from multiple providers at With our. If your car's new-ish and less likely to have problems, basic cover may be sufficient.

We thought we'd have a change from the usual article format and would write an open letter to Car Designers across the globe with a list of things that some of the staff here at AutoAid HQ would like to see in the next generation production cars.

Whilst purchases from car dealers offer a consumer slightly more 'rights', it is still prudent to undertake your own due diligence when viewing a new set of wheels. Rust is a killer of older cars. A vehicle that could otherwise be in good condition with good working mechanical parts could be condemned and taken off the road if there is excessive rust, or rust in particular areas i. Driver aids are part and parcel of any new car nowadays. You wouldn't batter an eyelid now if you buy a car with a reverse camera, or proximity sensors for when you're too close to the car in front, and more recently, even cars that 'park themselves' seem to be becoming 'the norm'.

Pothole season is nearly once against with us. What about on your mate's farm? In that case, your breakdown provider might charge you extra or not cover you at all if access is difficult or prohibited.

If you breakdown while transporting pets or livestock, onward travel for your pet is up to the discretion of your breakdown cover provider. Assistance for livestock is very unlikely under a standard policy, but you can get specialist livestock or horse trailer breakdown cover to avoid this. Got a flat tyre? Forgotten to top up the oil? Don't assume that the breakdown company will rush to assist you with basic maintenance.

It's your responsibility as a driver to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, and it's useful to have at least a basic grasp of how to make simple repairs.

Breakdown cover Get your car, motorbike or van back on the road with the right policy Get started. Home Breakdown cover. Do I really need breakdown cover?

It's not a legal requirement, but picture the scene How do I make my breakdown cover cheaper? A forgetfuldrivers put the wrong fuel in their car every year. If this happens to you, don't start your engine Different levels of breakdown cover The cost of your breakdown policy will depend on the level of cover you need:. Roadside assistance or recovery Your breakdown provider will send their patrol to your location for roadside assistance.

Vehicle recovery If there's no chance of fixing the problem roadside, vehicle recovery will make sure you're towed to the nearest garage or your home.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover deals from the RAC. Find the best deals on both personal and vehicle cover, plus any exciting seasonal promotions. The RAC and Rescuemycar are both UK car breakdown providers, but how do their levels of cover, prices and customer reviews compare?

This guide takes a look at prices, level of cover and customer reviews. Find all the information you need to have a better understanding of the different levels of cover that the RAC have on offer. Find the answers to a range of breakdown related question covering both UK, European and Business Breakdown cover. Not sure what that light on your dashboard means?

View our guide and easily identify what that warning light means. Not sure what to do if your car comes to an unexpected stop? Read our advice on what you should do after your car has broken down. Follow our 10 simple steps to help avoid a car breakdown.

AutoAid Breakdown provide UK wide Car Breakdown and Recovery services, including cover for one's spouse from just ? per year. Compare breakdown cover offers and deals with Find cheap deals from over 10 companies and cover your car, van or motorcycle. Get yourself protected & compare breakdown cover at Get quotes in minutes from some of the UK's most trusted providers for your car, van or.

All of the tips are simple and can be done with very little car knowledge. More and more new cars are being built without space for a spare wheel. Find out how we have used innovation to overcome this problem. Find out what steps you should take if your vehicle breaks down on a motorway, including guidance from the Highway Code.

Here are our top 10 tips on how to spot a car breakdown and the best way to deal with each eventuality.

Modern cars are now equipped with a sophisticated electronic management system, find out how we overcome this to detect a fault with your car. Our patrols carry over parts and tools to fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside in just 30 minutes on average. If you've currently broken down contact us on Call us even if you are not a member.

Breakdown cover is a type of cover that provides help if your vehicle breaks down when you're on the road. There are different levels of cover but most companies offer roadside assistance as standard - which means a mechanic will assist you if you break down away from home. Your car will usually be recovered and towed to a garage for further repairs. This type of cover is sometimes included as standard with car insurance but is often an optional extra to add on to your existing policy.

Comparing breakdown cover is a great idea to get the best deal for your circumstances. Breakdown cover provides peace of mind when you are out on the road. It's very difficult to predict when you might suffer a vehicle breakdown - it can happen on your driveway before you leave for work, or while driving on the motorway en route to the airport.

Car breakdown insurance uk

What is almost certain is that breakdowns cause frustration, inconvenience and cost - your journey will be interrupted and you will need to pay to rectify any immediate issues.

Breakdown cover won't pay for all the repairs but will help you to get your vehicle running again by providing roadside assistance or roadside recovery. There are many different types of breakdown cover available and you should carefully consider your own requirements when you compare breakdown cover. Circumstances are different for all of us and having the correct level of cover for yours will save you a lot of money and worry.

RAC patrols fix four out of five vehicles when they're called out for roadside assistance and within an average of 30 minutes. Our recovery services aim to reach and get you back on the road as quickly as they can. You can read all the latest feedback on our reviews page.

Vehicle Breakdown Cover is for the named vehicle at your home, while Personal Breakdown Cover provides cover for one individual unless you add other members who live at the same address as you. If you have joint or household cover then it covers any named people who live at the address permanently. This could include someone who is away studying at university, or someone who is in the armed forces.

Roadside assistance, also known as Roadside Rescue is breakdown cover that means a mechanic will come out to fix your vehicle at the roadside. It is included as standard in all breakdown policies, but you can also include increased cover to your policy on top. On average our roadside recovery RAC patrols fix four out of five cars within 30 minutes but if your vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside our Roadside Rescue cover includes a ten-mile tow to a destination you choose.

Whereas vehicle cover is for the vehicle you specify and will cover anyone authorised to drive this should the vehicle breakdown.

When comparing breakdown cover you'll be looking for the cheapest breakdown cover possible - that's understandable.

Get outstanding vehicle breakdown cover starting from ? a month with the RAC. Nationwide breakdown cover that won't break the bank. We're here for your cars, motorbikes and trailers, 24/7, days a year. Direct Line breakdown cover offers you reassurance and a service you'd expect. With Green Flag UK Personal cover you are covered in your own car or any.

What should be equally important to you is making sure you consider breakdown policies that suit you and your driving lifestyle, and that you're adequately covered in the unfortunate event of breakdowns. If you have personal-based membership you will be covered for roadside assistance if the vehicle you're travelling in breaks down, regardless of whether or not you are the driver.

We also offer joint membership, which covers you and one other named member as a driver or passenger in any car.

MY FIRST CAR BREAKDOWN! (Engine Problems, AA Recovery + More!)

Family membership covers you and four named members of your household as a driver or passenger in any vehicle. The RAC provides this emergency callout service for new customers.


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