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Car Stereo Insurance

Temporary car insurance cover explained -

Secured with SHA Encryption. Although not as common as it once was, stereo theft is still a major concern in some areas. People will break into a car and steal the stereo to resell or pawn for cash; they may also steal any valuables in the vehicle. Fortunately, stereo theft is usually covered under insurance. Acts of theft and vandalism are covered by comprehensive coverage. This is separate from your collision coverage and also applies to acts of nature and other sorts of non-accident damage. Most full-coverage auto policies include comprehensive by default, but it is sold separately from collision so it is possible to have one without the other.

When you replace your original equipment stereo with an after market car stereo you can spend thousands of dollars on speakers, amplifiers and tuners.

It may come as a surprise to you but if that stereo is stolen it is not going to be covered by your auto insurance.

The fact is anything that is after market and not standard on the vehicle is not protected on your auto policy unless you specifically add it. In some cases renters insurance or homeowner's insurance may cover pieces of the stereo that are not directly attached to the vehicle but it is best not to take that risk. Car stereos are one of the most stolen items in cars and they continue to be highly desirable.

If this is you then I would suggest adding an endorsement to your car insurance to protect that investment. Most insurance companies will offer an endorsement called "car stereo" or "electronics" so that you can protect that stereo against theft, weather and other covered losses.

Most regular auto insurance policies will not automatically cover custom parts and equipment, including stereo and audio systems.

Although not as common as it once was, stereo theft is still a major concern in some areas. People will break into a car and steal the stereo to resell or pawn for . Great sound is worth protecting. Sound system coverage can replace stolen or damaged equipment, speakers and speaker components in your car. If you love to crank up the tunes in your car you probably have a nice new stereo. Many drivers who install aftermarket stereos in their car's don't realize it may.

Most insurance companies offer an endorsement, or add-onthat covers custom parts and equipment. To get this, all you need to do is ask your insurance agent or company to add it on. In some cases, you might need to show an appraisal if the value is higher than average.

Will your regular auto insurance policy cover your newly added sound system? Or will you have to get additional coverage for it? Find out here!. Best of all, if you have comprehensive car insurance cover and you're claiming for an item of sound equipment that was stolen out of your vehicle, we'll also pay . Comprehensive - insurance that covers non-collision claims on your vehicle such as broken windshields, vandalism (paint scratches, etc.) and some stereo.

One key here is that your auto policy, even with the custom parts and equipment, will only cover permanently installed equipment. There are a few companies out there that include a base amount of coverage for custom parts and equipment.

Understanding your limits and deductibles is important when looking for cheap car insurance and deciding which plan is best for you. The Coverage Limit. Your sound system might not be automatically covered by your car insurance. And if you've invested in a higher quality sound system for your car, it's a good. Devices like audio and entertainment systems and sat-nav may be covered by car insurance, whether they're installed in the vehicle or not. Find out more.

The important thing to do is just to call your insurance company and ask for this coverage. If you have very expensive equipment, then having both coverages will fully protect it, no matter what happens to it. Theft is only covered under Comprehensive.

Another important thing to keep in mind is your deductibles. If your stereo system is stolen and you have the custom parts and equipment coverage you need, the company will pay for the value of the equipment minus your deductible.

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Insuring specialty audio or stereo equipment in your car is usually not an automatic coverage, but it is possible to obtain.


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