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Car Insurance in Ontario . The Canada Car Buying Guide


Any insurance you get must come through a company or broker who is licensed to sell car insurance by the Government of Ontario. There are three types of contacts to help you get insured:. These different options allow you as the driver to shop around to different companies and contacts so you can find the best insurance rate. Ontario has the highest average insurance rates in Canada out of any other province. This is due to a greater concern for insurance fraud compared to any other province, but also due to the nature of insurance laws.

Your car insurance company may cover the cost of replacing them. I hope that everyone reading this will never have to use this information although if you are involved in a car accident it is best to be prepared. What advice can you offer to someone involved in a car accident? Glad you are doing OK after that!!! Our daughter was in an accident a few years ago.

Black ice. The SUV in front had stopped to turn left, she started to slow down and hit the black ice. He plowed into her sending her in to the SUV and then the ditch. She complained of tingling in her arms after so she was taken out in a neck brace and on a back board to hospital by ambulance.

Her car was a write off.

I had to drive in once she got home to help her pick up the grandson as I had a car seat in my truck. I used to pick him up a couple of times a month when she had staff meetings after work hours.

We went an bought a new seat for him before going back to her place. Insurance covered it. The law here says you have to have one for the child under 12 so they paid for the replacement.

The old seat was pushed to the side and we are not sure if the accident moved it or the paramedics did. The road where she had the accident is one of two routes she can take to work, she took the other route for a while after.

Then he was told his car insurance would shoot up by about $ a year Reddit. 0 Ontario to reform auto insurance system to combat fraud, slash rates CBC News Toronto used to compare the rates between. The drivers considered the riskiest to insure — and often the most expensive — fall within the nonstandard insurance market. Although some major insurance companies, such as Progressive, do insure high-risk drivers, many smaller insurers specialize in them. To find the best high. Compare car insurance quotes from major insurance providers from your state. The risk, worry and fear auto insurance reddit Anyone in the comprehensive and of pocket decreasing your car insurance best car insurance rates in ontario.

She is OK taking that road now but gets a little nervous if the weather is dicey. So long as he promised to not get behind the wheel the doctors would not tell the ministry. Right now he is allowed to drive provided there is a licensed driver with him….

His driving drives me batty…… If we go anywhere I drive. So much easier that way……. Car accidents are no fun!

Car accidents are so common and so preventable in most cases. It really does a number on your finances, emotional well-being and routine.

Ontario drivers pay the highest auto insurance premiums in Canada, A Toronto truck driver, Polsinelli now says car insurance will be one of. Hey PF Canada! I'm F/23 and hold a G license. I'm looking into buying my first used car and don't really know where to start. I'm looking at. I was reading statistics on car accidents recently that says most are injured helping them out of the car may not be in their best interest. Based on police reports and details of the accident the insurance In Ontario and many other provinces throughout Canada we have what is called no-fault insurance.

So sorry to hear that Katrina, I hope everything gets back to normal quickly. I would recommend to anyone with a family or people depending on your income to be properly insured so you are not a burden and your family can keep receiving an income if you are unable to work.

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Some professional associations have benefits for their members including savings on car insurance. They usually have a partnership in place with a specific insurance provider, and sometimes include additional benefits like priority customer service.


Some of the major professional associations who have such partnerships include:. Make sure you talk to your association to find out just how cheap they can get insurance for you, and always shop around.

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in USA !!

You might still be able to get cheaper insurance and better discounts through other means. Some employers will offer their employees savings or discounts to employees on their car insurance if you go through them, similar to professional associations and their members. The same tips apply for this as with associations: ask the organization how the insurance benefits work, and make sure to still shop around in case you can find a better deal elsewhere.

Many universities and colleges have partnerships with a major insurance company to provide cheaper car insurance to current students as well as alumni. They will usually offer other discounts if you bundle with home insurance, as well as priority customer service if you are contacting them for information or to make a claim. The Canadian Automobile Association CAA is a non-profit organization in Canada that provides a number of benefits to members, such as roadside assistance and travel services.

CAA also provides car insuranceand offers its members additional savings as a benefit. It is a paid membership, and car insurance is an extra service that you would have to sign up for so make sure you still shop around.

According to Ontario Law, every driver must have car insurance for the vehicle that to different companies and contacts so you can find the best insurance rate . Car insurance is one of the biggest regular costs of owning a car. 8 of the top 10 most stolen cars in Canada in were all SUVs, and the other 2 were. Top 10 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Bill; Top 10 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Bill. Currently he drives a Audi TT-RS, and has previously.

There are a number of ways you can change your own life that will help lower your insurance payments. Most often they might just happen on their own accord and not because you wanted to get cheaper insurance, but if they happen you can take advantage of them. What vehicle you have is one of the major factors in how much your insurance rates will be. So when you are thinking of changing vehicles and buying something different, keep the following in mind:.


Many of the reasons why some cars are cheaper to insure than others is because for various reasons they are cheaper to repair or replace if they are stolen or damaged in an accident. Here are some factors to consider:. When you move to a new home, make sure you call up your insurance provider and let them know about these circumstances so they can pass on any savings to you.

If something happens in your life that changes how much you use your car it also impacts your insurance. This is because the less you drive your car the lower your insurance will be, so here are some common changes to consider:. If you were found to be at fault but you have been with the insurance company long enough and have a clean driving record, they might forgive the rate increase so it is only a small amount.

Best car insurance ontario reddit

Any increases to your rates usually only happen once the next year in your policy kicks in. It might take a bit of time and work, but in the end you can save yourself a lot of money. Remember that there are so many factors that affect how much you pay, and so much that constantly changes, that you can do this again every so often and again find a better deal if you're willing to put in the work. Changing companies does not negatively affect your rates. Did You Know?

Of all the provinces in the country, Ontario has the highest average insurance cost.

This is not because women statistically have been less likely to be in a car accident, but when they are in one it is less costly than accidents that men are in. If you cause a car accident without proper insurance, you have to pay legal and medical costs. The new policies will also include less coverage, but you will have more choice to pick what extra coverage you want.

As of the summer ofthe results of this new reform have been mixed and consumers are encouraged to continue shopping around to find the best rates.


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