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Dash cams: What you need to know

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Car insurance companies are slow to embrace new technology. Sometimes that takes a while. Once the data show that a particular safety device will save car insurance companies money if used by its customers, they begin to roll out discounts. That gives current and future dash cam owners in U. Most record hours of video in a continuous loop, with recent video replacing older footage, when the car is started. Fancier cameras can record even when the car is off triggered by motion sensors or come with GPS sensors that overlay the time, speed and location. Some offer two-way video of the road ahead and of the driver and passengers inside the car.

Dash cams come with a variety of features -- wide angle views, night vision, GPS to log your location and speed, and multiple cameras so you can capture what's happening inside and all around the car.

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Many dash cams also have a stand-by feature allowing them to capture video if motion is detected while the car is parked. Most people buy dash cams for one of two reasons -- to provide evidence in case of an accident or crime or to keep an eye on their teen drivers.

Say, for instance, another driver causes an accident but tries to blame it on you.

Thinking about a camera for your car? American Family Insurance provides free use of a dash cam for one year to families participating in its.

With video footage, you can show the insurance company you weren't at fault, which could help you avoid a premium surcharge, or you can use the footage as evidence in court if you're sued.

Video footage could also come in handy if you're fighting a traffic ticket for a violation you didn't commit. Or it could help police track down the thief who broke into your car or the driver who smashed into your parked vehicle and fled without leaving a note.

Many dash cam buyers are using the cameras to monitor their teen drivers. Dual-camera models can capture any shenanigans going on inside the car as well as what's happening on the road.

American Family Insurance provides free use of a dash cam for one year to families participating in its Teen Safe Driver Program.

When triggered by erratic movement, such as sudden acceleration, hard braking or swerving, the camera's motion detector turns on the recording switch automatically. The footage is sent wirelessly to a center for review by professional driving coaches.

Parents can then review weekly report cards featuring video footage. The footage and reports are confidential -- only the parents, teens and coaches have access. American Family offers the program in all the states where it's licensed and a 10 percent discount to participating families in Colorado and Minnesota.

Finally, a side benefit of dash cams is the ability to capture unusual sights, whether it's a herd of elk crossing a mountain road or a meteorite falling through the sky, like the one filmed by numerous Russian dash cams in The price depends on video quality, number of camera lenses and special features.

Pricier dash cams are GPS-enabled, have a microphone to record sounds inside the vehicle, automatically save footage when an accident is detected and can be removed from the car to take snapshots of collision damage.

Having auto coverage makes you feel safer on the road at least when it comes with safety features like factory-installed airbags, dashboard cameras and. The dashboard-mounted cameras record the sights and sounds The results do not affect car insurance rates or policies; American Family. To top it off, you can earn a 10% car insurance discount* after your teen . Driver program involving in-car camera technology, although participants will still.

Not yet. Insurance companies don't offer discounts for safety and security features until they see a connection between the item and a drop in claims costs.

From good grades to safe habits, discover how you can save with our car insurance discounts. Your agent can help you find ways to save, too!. Because at American Family Insurance, we believe every dream is worth .. its fun-filled fleet of 5 special Dream Cycles complete with a side car for kids of all. Save on your Ring doorbell thanks to American Family's exclusive partnership. The degree HD camera lets you monitor more than just your doorstep, day.

Besides American Family's discount for the teen driver program, no U. A two-way dash cam or multiple dash cameras for a teen could be a good idea.

That way you can see not only how your teen is driving but what is going on inside of the vehicle. Is your teenager paying attention to the road or instead is he texting, on his cellphone or distracted by passengers? You can curtail bad behavior inside the car before it leads to an accident or ticket. Keeping a driving record clean will lead to your child to receive a good driver discount quicker typically you must have a license with a clean record for at least three years to be eligible.

There are many ways to lower your teen or young drivers insurance. Most dash cameras have an option that allows you to turn it on standby that permits the camera only to turn on if it feels motion in or around the car.

Learn safe driving habits, and we'll reward you with savings on your car insurance! Get started now with an initial 5% discount*, and qualify for up to 20% in. A dash cam car insurance discount doesn't yet exist, but recording your Video is an integral part of American Family Insurance's TeenSafe. Most smart theft systems come with a video camera that can also be American Family Insurance is dedicated to helping you protect what matters most.

So, if someone breaks into your car or hits your parked car and takes off, you may be able to review the dash cam footage and find the individual responsible. With that footage in hand, you can show your car insurance company what brought about your claim and may save yourself from a surcharge. Term life insurance Whole life insurance Permanent life insurance Simplified issue life insurance Final expense insurance Life Insurance Calculator.

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By Penny Gusner Posted : August 3, Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Linkedin. Share on Reddit. Share via Email. If you've been unfairly accused of causing a wreck or you have a newly licensed teen driver at home, then you can probably understand why.

The dashboard-mounted cameras record the sights and sounds while the car is driven, providing footage to document what happens on the road or in the car. While no company yet offers an insurance discount for adults who have installed a camera, at least one sees the value in monitoring new drivers.

7 reasons to use a dashboard camera

The dash cams join a widening array of technology -- such as the onboard data recorders installed in all new cars and the pay-as-you-drive devices that bring discounts to cautious drivers -- that can document your behind-the-wheel behavior. Marc Horowitz, spokesperson for BrickHouse Security in New York, which sells security and surveillance products, says online search traffic for dash cams as well as sales of the company's products has doubled so far this year over the same period of The technology became available on the consumer market about 10 years ago, Horowitz says, but at that time a decent dash cam retailed for thousands of dollars.

Twice that amount can get you something as fancy as BrickHouse's dual-camera model that records high-definition video even in total darkness. One camera faces forward to record what's happening on the road, and a rear-facing camera records what's happening inside the car. A G-force sensor automatically saves files in case of an accident. Parents are buying them as a condition for letting a teen have access to a car. Want to know whether your teen is texting behind the wheel? Dash cam footage provides irrefutable answers.


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