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California Fleet Auto Insurance is not an insurance carrier

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If your business owns and operates three or more vehicles as part of its daily operations, you may be eligible for a fleet insurance policy. These plans resemble a commercial auto policy that covers many vehicles at the same time, helping you to meet coverage requirements at an affordable rate. As of , the Bureau of Transportation Statistics found that there were over eleven million fleet vehicles in service, with government and rental use seeing the most growth over the years. Commercial vehicle policies are a major part of fleet insurance, and they cover the vehicles themselves against damage and loss. In most cases, fleets that focus on services handymen, locksmiths, and similar professions will see the largest discount on their premiums.

Additionally, the company obtains an ID number, which must be displayed on the exterior of every vehicle registered in the fleet. The company must meet all of these requirements in order to obtain California Fleet Auto Insurance. A business usually needs California Fleet Auto insurance if the vehicles pick up passengers, deliver goods, are driven by employees, or employees use their personal vehicles for business.


For smaller businesses, in most cases it is beneficial to have California Fleet Auto Insurance when there are three or more registered vehicles. The main benefit of having fleet auto insurance is saving costs when insuring multiple vehicles.

California Fleet Auto Insurance is not an insurance carrier

Fleet companies are often eligible for incentives and rebates that are only available to fleet owners. Additionally, when a company has a good fleet policy, it limits the time vehicles have to spend off the road in the event an accident occurs. This is especially important because it prevents the company from losing revenue as the result of a lost vehicle.

IN CASE OF ACCIDENT: Report all accidents to your Agent/Company as soon as possible. Obtain the following information: 1. Name and address of each driver. Dec 4, To save you some time California Fleet Auto Insurance is the name of the. California Commercial Fleet Auto Insurance - Unsure if your business needs fleet auto insurance? Take a look at these scenarios and let us help you.

Fleet Auto Insurance distributes the risk of all of the vehicles evenly so the company does not have to pay more for each registered vehicle risk. American Business Insurance has over 35 years experience insuring commercial vehicles.

FREE TRUCKING INSURANCE QUOTE - We Offer Comprehensive Commercial Trucking Insurance Quotes. It Is Vital For You To Secure The. To save you some time California Fleet Auto Insurance is the name of the says Carrier # and Company Name, Address and phone number. Even more, with a large fleet of vehicles, it is important to have California Fleet Auto Insurance in order to make sure they are all taken care of. With American.

It started in as a small insurance agency and has grown over the years to insure over 40, vehicles. American Business Insurance Services, Inc.

We constantly work to provide the best insurance coverage at the lowest possible rates. This digital access also saves costs for both us, and our customers. This is so customers who need real-time digital transactions are able to have them. Their fleet being self-insured sounds very plausible.

CALIFORNIA FLEET AUTO INSURANCE IDENTIFICATION CARD. COMPANY NUMBER. COMPANY NAME AND ADDRESS. ACE American Insurance . Call today to see if you can save money on your fleet insurance. will be insured while driving any vehicle in your fleet unless they've been specifically. It Is Vital For You To Secure The Appropriate Coverage And Do It Fast. - California Fleet Auto Insurance Claims Phone Number.

Thank you for the help, Dan. Posts: 2 Likes Received: 1. What a coincidence.

We were rear ended this morning and the lady provided California Fleet Auto as her insurance carrier. Because I'd never heard of it, I came home and googled it, and nothing.

California fleet auto insurance contact

Just wondering if purlplez ever got to the bottom of things. Any information would be very useful.

Last edited: Aug 30, Posts: 1, Likes Received: 2 State: Arizona. Can u call the guy who hit u or his company. His phone number to his company should have been on his auto or file with the DMV u should have hi driver lic. Not that hard.

Sales71Aug 31, Posts: 3 Likes Received: 1. What is going on here? And I also cannot find anything.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sales71Sep 1, No I'm not kidding. The guy tried to deny hitting me, a huge argument ensued. I got his drivers' licensehis insurance company, policy number, his plateI took pictures of the damage, but in the heat of the conversation I did not however get his phone number.

The cops came, he finally admitted fault and a report was filed but it's going to take 10 to12 business days for me to get a copy of it, meanwhile my car isn't drivable so I need a rental and can't get one. Any thoughts?

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