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Is there full glass coverage in Massachusetts? .

Is your windshield covered for free?

Question: Auto glass question for the state of Massachusetts. When a windshield has to be replaced, is there full glass coverage? Do you have a copy of the law? Answer: According to the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, if an object damages your windshield, you are covered for this loss if you have comprehensive coverage sometimes also referred to as other than collision coverage on your vehicle. Since April 1, Massachusetts has allowed auto insurance companies to set their own rates though filed and approved by the state and offer various coverages.

Will my insurance cover my windshield replacement? Yes, in Massachusetts and Connecticut most windshield replacements are covered under comprehensive automobile policies and have no deductible.

Ma car insurance, CT car insurance Arbella's glass claim specialist will ensure that your coverage is confirmed, and Replacement can take as long as two hours and your vehicle will need to sit for an hour or more to let the adhesives cure. However, Massachusetts is one of the offer full glass replacement coverage. The glass coverage portion in Massachusetts has always had a variety Since , Massachusetts has allowed auto insurance companies to.

Does comprehensive glass coverage only cover my windshield? If you have comprehensive glass coverage your insurance will pay for damage to any piece of automobile glass - side windows, sun or moon roofs, and even your mirrors!

Will insurance cover a repair? Most insurance companies do cover repairs and, if one is required, will often waive any deductible if you have one. Yes, we will handle all the processing and paperwork and make sure your claim goes through smoothly.

Department of Transportation state the minimum requirements for windshield conditions and visibility in the country and require each state to enforce the obligations. The regulations require the center of the windshield to be free of damage and define the center area as that above the steering wheel as far as one inch from each side and two inches from the top.

Learn about the rules regarding windshields in Massachusetts so you can However, because Massachusetts is unique in requiring glass coverage be If you file an auto insurance claim for glass, your agent is permitted to. Central Glass performs hundreds of safe auto glass repairs and replacements every year Assisting our clients with insurance claims is part of our commitment to In Massachusetts, you most likely have full glass coverage with no deductible. If an object damages your windshield, you are covered for this loss if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. A deductible is usually due.

There may be a single crack in the space if it has no intersecting cracks. Each state has its own Department of Transportation and may set regulations that go beyond those of the national requirements.

When your auto is declared a total loss, your insurance company will pay you may have selected for comprehensive coverage, does not apply to a glass loss. (zero deductible) windshield replacement laws and auto insurance: depending on Massachusetts — Massachusetts is frequently cited as a “zero deductible” In Connecticut, customers can pay for optional, full-glass insurance coverage. Will my insurance cover my windshield replacement? Yes, in Massachusetts and Connecticut most windshield replacements are covered under comprehensive.

Some states also regulate the way in which insurance companies deal with windshield replacement and repair, and most state laws have regulations concerning insurance companies using aftermarket or used replacement windshields. Free windshield replacement laws are tied into state insurance laws, which are set by individual states.

If you live in a state that has specific insurance requirements related to auto glass replacement, your insurance company may be required to pay for your windshield repair or replacement in full — even if you have a deductible. Note that free windshield replacement laws cover the comprehensive portion of an auto policy, not liability. Thus, free windshield replacement laws typically apply only to policyholders with comprehensive auto insurance.

Minute With Mel - Will my car insurance cover a cracked windshield?

The same is true if you lived in OwensboroCovingtonRichmondor Hopkinsville. Florida has a similar law, so if you live in MiamiJacksonvilleor OrlandoFlorida and have a cracked windshield, you likely have a legitimate claim for a free windshield replacement. In contrast, if you lived in a state without a windshield replacement law, your insurance company would not be obligated to cover the entire replacement — and you would be expected to pay your insurance deductible.

The following states have insurance laws that specifically address windshield replacement or repair:.

Auto glass insurance coverage massachusetts

Currently just two states, Kentucky and South Carolinaextend their glass replacement requirements to other types of auto glass such as door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and back glass. Meanwhile, policyholders in Florida communities, such as St.

All other auto glass claims are subject to their regular comprehensive deductibles. Most insurance companies, though not all, will waive the deductible for these repairs regardless of the state the policyholder lives in.

This is considered a courtesy and is not typically mandated by state insurance law. People must have current auto insurance policies that cover comprehensive damage to their vehicles in order to qualify for windshield replacement or repair with no deductible. Some insurance companies have certain policies that include comprehensive coverage but require policyholders to purchase additional coverage if they want the option of free windshield replacement or repair.

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