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This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. AAA auto insurance is offered by the Automobile Association of America to its members in all 50 states. Happy customers appreciate the personalized service they receive by working with a local agent and say the claims process is fast and their insurance rates are reasonable. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way!

She talked to a supervisor and confirmed that the policy wouldn't cover the truck. I believe that what the new member representative did is fraudulent.

This is the second time that AAA has not helped me because of a policy loophole and I will never support their business again! Twice in the last year, I've had to have a vehicle towed. Both times the driver was sneaky by asking what's up?

Turns out he was just looking for any reason to disqualify the tow. Both were not concerned for my welfare, only looking for any reason in fine print that disqualifies the tow as free. No tow truck available.

I am here in the middle of nowhere with my car broke. So I called Triple A and am waiting for 4 hours. BoA they called me saying that there is no one available to pick me up. Is this a joke? I pay it.

Is your AAA membership REALLY worth it?

AAA did a fine job and handled the claim well. It was good, but not the very best in process. It was handled timely, but there was no "over-the-top" interactions or communications.

I've had the worst experience with AAA insurance. I was told AAA insurance was the best insurance. Which is why I switched from Geico. The agent that helped me with the switch failed in every aspect. Nice guy but very incompetent. I received an email from his supervisor to rate his service. I replied explaining how everything went wrong.

I never heard back from his supervisor? My insurance was canceled due to him not following thru with the auto pay. I contacted AAA and all they can say is 'I'm sorry'. I had to pay more money out of pocket to reinstate. Total nightmare. Each encounter I have had with a AAA employee has been above par. While driving my car cama windshield flew up and smashed the windshield of my Jaguar. I was going about 35 miles an hour. I called AAA who happened to be my insurance company.

The AAA operator open the claim for me. I don't think I would have thought about claiming this in my insurance. The process was smooth. When I had my accident, I did not want my car to be totaled. Looking back on it it was the right thing to do. Not only did they have to figure in the damage of the windshield in the hood, they would have to investigate why the latch did not work.

My experience with AAA was the worst car service I've ever received. So, I called AAA to have it towed.

Retail property for sale at Placerville Rd, Folsom, CA AAA AUTO REPAIR CENTER | BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION This Location will offer Full Service Car Repair, and Full Service Travel / Insurance Agency. 46 results Find 46 listings related to Aaa Auto Club in Folsom on As experts in all things automotive, AAA offers superior insurance for your car, as well. Read reviews and complaints about AAA Auto Insurance dealing with rates, coverage, plans, customer service and Kathy of Folsom, CA Verified Reviewer.

When speaking to the receptionist, she explained the tow truck would arrive within 1 hour. After waiting 2 hours, the tow truck finally arrived. The man who finally showed up had track marks covering his arms, some of which were still bleeding, his teeth were black, and he seemed totally out of it.

Reviews on Aaa Insurance Office in Folsom, CA - AAA Folsom, AAA - RosevilleSouth, Cost-U-Less Insurance, I also paid my auto registration as well .

He never said hello, was cursing, yelling, and mumbling to himself throughout the entire encounter, and kept pulling at his own hair. As a nursing student, I was fairly certain he had used drugs recently.

Standing there alone with a dead phone battery, you can imagine how apprehensive I was about getting in the tow truck with him. But, it was my only option as I did not have another ride. He asked me where I wanted to go to have my car serviced. I would have liked to take my car to the Honda Dealer, but his erratic behavior deterred me from going to a garage that was far away. I told him to take me to the closest place possible because I was very concerned that he would wreck the vehicle.

My suspicions were later validated when he swerved the truck as we were driving. I agreed to have my car taken there under the circumstances. When we arrived, they told me it couldn't be fixed that day because it was too late and that I would have to wait until tomorrow Wednesday to have it fixed. On Wednesday, they contacted me in the morning stating my car had a leak in the radiator and that I would need a new radiator, thermostat, and 2 hoses to fix it.

I agreed to the service. Later that afternoon, after my car was "fixed," I picked it up. They explained it was fixed and running fine. Well, the truth is, it wasn't running fine. After picking it up, my thermostat gauge was all the way up to HOT when driving it. I didn't think anything of it because I had just picked it up from the garage and to be quite frank, I'm not a mechanic. Same thing -- overheated.

At this point, I was extremely frustrated. Because I was closer to my hometown this time, I called AAA again and had it towed to a mechanic that my family knows and trusts. He explained to me that after AAA fixed my car, it should have been test driven to see if the temperature gauge was still going up and it clearly wasn't.

I feel as though something was missed or my car wasn't properly diagnosed to begin with. I am so disappointed in AAA all around. My family and I have been members for many years and have paid so much money for our membership. To be treated in this way is an absolute disgrace.

I am still attempting to get a refund or some sort of compensation for everything that has happened.

My only hope is that this gets resolved in the near future. Agent informed me as to what I needed to do.

Forms were submitted in a timely manner and claim was settled. But although service has been great the pricing is too high. Getting the insurance was fast and the service was very friendly. I really enjoyed their towing roadside service. Seemed you could always count on AAA.

Plus even if you were driving someone else's car it was covered. Also back then it was nice taking care of renewing my car's tags right at the same place.

Made for a great overall one stop get it done and not have to wait in a line. Service was great as the workers were very friendly and knowledgeable and were able to set me up with what I needed. After having an incident they were quick to help me out and reassure me all would be fine. However, price of policy always seemed a little high.

Of course back then I had a full time job and was able to afford having the protection. Today I am with State Farm and they have a really great package and discounts for multi policies.

I don't know if AAA does as the last time I checked with them they wouldn't take me because I had no coverage at the time. So I never went back to them. I didn't see that as a good enough reason to disqualify me. I have tried a few other companies over time.

Get directions, reviews and information for AAA Folsom in Folsom, CA. AAA Folsom. E. Bidwell Street, Folsom, CA () Insurance-Auto. 3 local business owners recommend AAA Insurance. Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in Folsom have to say. Folsom, CA Auto - Home - Rental - Renters - Life - Watercraft - Manufactured/Mobile - Classic. 36 reviews of AAA Folsom "If you have to pay off your registration, I would suggest Stopped in to restart my AAA road service and re-register my vehicle to CA.

Some were good for awhile and some rates got too much. I have always been an excellent driver, so I feel I shouldn't have to pay high priced policies.

Unethical claim adjusters Received a letter as well as a phone conversation from opposing party insurance adjusters stating that AAA member was fully responsible for the accident. When we stated that an investigation had never been done yet so how could we be responsible, the opposing insurance adjuster said that AAA had already made the decision and phoned them.

We have emails reflecting their lies to us. Shameful adjusters We switched to AAA after a horrible accident that was not our fault with a person who had no insurance or driver's license.

The company we had was not helpful and very difficult to get a hold of and get any action. We walked into the local AAA office and they were smiling and quickly assisted us. We have had them for a year now and am very happy.

We rear-ended a car with minimal damage and they handled and settled the claim for an at-fault accident quickly, making me very happy. AAA Auto Insurance is good. It is incredible and fast of immediate response. It is the best of the best. AAA Auto Insurance is reasonable and work to make paying for insurance less painful.

I got a flat once and used AAA Auto Insurance and it was able to help me get through the situation right around the Christmas holidays so I was very happy about that. They were efficient. When I came to them 2 years ago, I had very little and wanted to pay the lowest monthly rate possible. I don't know a lot about auto ins. When I called my agent last year and said I was ready to lower the deductible, I was informed that unless I had repaired the problem under the car, I could not lower the deductible.

It would have made a difference if someone had told me that at the time of purchase. I live on social security and my savings went into renovating my daughter's basement into a home for me.

I am 75 and no longer work. I feel trapped by the insurance company as there is no way I can come up with the deductible and my car was hit twice while I was not in it and even though I can make a claim, due to the high deductible, I am still responsible.

So basically, I am paying for auto insurance I cannot utilize.

Aaa auto insurance folsom ca

I have been in transportation sales for more than 40 years travelling more than a million miles and to date have had only one minor accident which I thought was settled very favourably. My husband was driving our lifted Jeep JK home from the shop.

We had just replaced the plastic rear bumper with a new metal one and were heading home. We were in heavy stop and go commuter traffic, moving around 40 mph. We stopped. However, behind us, the pickup truck towing a landscaping trailer did not. We were hit from behind.

Initially, we thought the jeep was fine and didn't notice any damage to it after the accident but the AAA adjuster inspection report found the jeep had some damage.

The truck didn't fare as well. Hitting our new rear bumper caused a lot of front end damage to his truck. His truck slide under our jeep. California is a "no fault state" for auto insurance.

AAA worked with truck owner's insurance. Theres a redhead at Placerville AAA that ive always dealt with and shes really good …. Love this business! Not only did I get a great price on my car insurance but they have where you can do DMV registration and I don't have to wait in….

AAA Member…. College Oak Towing 1. Automotive Roadside Service. Website Directions More Info. AAA Insurance.

directions, coupons and more for AAA Insurance at E Bidwell St, Folsom, CA. Brands: Auto; Payment method: amex, check, discover, visa, master card. Jobs 1 - 15 of CA Aaa License - Property & Casualty - Active. Folsom, CA Auto Travel Agents DMV - Aaa insurance folsom ca Title and Registration. Folsom. East Bidwell St. Broadstone Marketplace. Folsom, CA Auto Travel Agents; DMV - Vehicle Title and Registration; Insurance Agents; Map/ .

Automotive Roadside Service Insurance. Website Services. AAA Folsom. AAA Insurance Website Directions Services More Info. AAA Insurance 6. AAA Road Service. Aaa Ncnu Club.

AAA Folsom

A A A Insurance. New Car Dealers. AAA Insurance 1.


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