How to Label a Quilt With Your Name

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How to make a quilt label

Another area related to signing quilts was the practice of initialing and dating household linens with cross stitch. In "The Useful Companion" related, "It should be bourne in mind, that too frequent washing is liable to wear out linen more than ordinary use: and therefore the process should not be repeated oftener than is absolutely. I try to use double fabric and satin stitch around the whole thing. By doing it this way, it helps with possible puckering or pulling of the satin stitch. I use a fine point fabric marker and write the recipient's name, the date and then my name. Then I slip stitch it to the back of the quilt usually in one of the bottom corners.. Learn how to make quilt labels on your computer like a pro in this step guide!

Thank your for some fun ways to make labels. I never thought of using twill tape. I do want to have some professional labels made for my creative handmade makes.

Thanks for the inspiration!

I always took a piece of fabric close to what the backing is and hand wrote onto my fabric, sewing it by hand onto the quilt back. I have also taken my special waterproof pen and written directly onto the quilt. It does fade somewhat though. I just made a quilt with deep purple flannel backing and am unsure what to label this with, I do like your many ideas though.

Even some iron-on labels that could be nice. Thank you so much for these tips.

Signing and dating a quilt

Hugs Patricia x. I love how you hand sewed that mustard binding on! Did you just use the same method as you would use to tack it down invisiblybut just change your stitch to a visible one? Does that make sense?! Exactly right! I used my typical hand quilting technique and stitched it to the front rather than the back. I made a quilt for a dear friend intending it to be a retirement gift in I gave it to her in I attached a handwritten label listing all the events in her life spanning those ten years.

LOVE your creative mind!!!!! You could trim the off of the top of your label and hand sign the date below Suzy Quilts. You can now use your beautiful labels any time. Thanks for the different methods! I use the freezer paper method - I can fit a heap of info on these labels. Though I have thought of getting some printed maybe without a date!

Love quilt labels, they make them feel so special! I never would have thought of using freezer paper with an iron to make a makeshift label for a quilt! I imagine it would look very good as well to have a professional service print several labels for you. I see folks writing on quilts for special group quilts or gifts with what I assume is some special kind of marker or pen. I do not have an ink jet printer so I just printed my message is bold and put under white cotton and traced with a permanent micron pen.

Then I lined it and sewed in the corner.

As I've said before I'm fairly new to quilting and I've heard that you should "sign" and date each quilt that you make. I was wondering if some of. It is more like a signing and dating a quilt of detective work and educated guessing. Do you want it to have just your name, or the date and place where you made the quilt, too? If you're giving it as a gift, do you want to add the.

In step 2. Great question! On the wrong side of the fabric. The purpose of the freezer paper is the make the fabric stiff enough to run through your printer. Your email address will not be published.

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Rated 4. Place the freezer paper shiny side down on top of the fabric. The freezer paper will stick a bit. With an iron on the cotton setting, press the freezer paper onto the fabric until it sticks this only takes a few seconds.

Using your ruler and rotary cutter, trim them both to the exact size of regular printer paper.

Now, you can feed your fabric-and-freezer-paper sheet into your printer as if it was printing paper! I had to change a setting on my printer so I could feed the "thick paper" into a tray in the back, but other than that, it's easy-peezy! After you print, simply peel off the freezer paper and voila!

You have your very own quilting label. But this was not always so. We are often disappointed when there is no way to discover who made the lovely quilt that we found at an antique shop or in our attic. Even with family quilts it's sometimes uncertain who made a given quilt. Just curious to know how everyone signs their quilts or if you do. I'm pretty new to quilting but I've given a couple as gifts, signed one, didn't sign the other.

Quilts of All Sizes Plus Decorative Accessories for Your Home Lynette Jensen Hand Stitch the sleeve to the quilt back Diagram 28 SIGNING AND DATING. Another area related to signing quilts was the practice of initialing and dating household linens with cross stitch. In The Useful Companion related, It should be?. Once you have finished a quilt, it's time to add the final touch - a quilt label. trim the off of the top of your label and hand sign the date below Suzy Quilts.

I would like to have some ideas of creative ways to sign and date them. I have sometimes cross stitched a label that I sew on the back but mostly sign and date a block somewhere on the quilt.

I wish we were signing our blocks we get during the swaps so I could pass on where and who they were made by. You can make your name stand out by sewing it in high-contrast thread against a low-contrast background or make it subtler by using a more medium-contrast thread against a low-contrast background.

Click here to cancel reply. Tags: Free Videoshow to sign a quilthow to sign your quiltsigning a quiltsigning your quilt. Do you like to keep leftover signing and dating a quilt of fabric in remembrance of a quilt you made that you love? This wasn't particularly true with earlier signed quilts. In an album quilt the maker may have arranged her name in a decorative fashion within one of the blocks.

Sometimes the maker's name can even be found subtly included in the quilting of the layers. Particularly with a quilt made after good colorfast ink was used we might find a wealth of information beyond just the maker's name. The quilt might have writing telling why the quilt was made and the person it was made for. It might even include the date it was completed as well as the town in which the quiltmaker lived. Poetry and Bible verses were also included at times.

How To Sign a Signature Quilt Block

On one marriage quilt the entire family tree is inked among decorative motifs. It wasn't until late in the twentieth century that quilt labels sewn onto the back of a quilt began to appear. Even today many quiltmakers never label their quilts. In our busy world embroidering or even artfully inking a label seems time-consuming. quilting_history quilt_labels. I know my mother has done smaller than wall hanging quilts signing and dating a quilt get an idea of what the finished product would look. Signing and dating a quilt. Speed Dating. Dating Usa. Online Dating Chat. Date Hookup. Matchmaking Finder.

To make things easier delightful pre-made labels are now sold. The maker writes in the information she wishes to include and may even color the label with colored pens or pencils.

4 Creative Ways to Label a Quilt

Most recent has been the availability of quilt labeling software and printable fabric. With this a quilter can quickly produce a quilt label with whatever decorative touches she wants to add. Even pictures can be included on the label. The example to the right is a label I made for my Great Grandmother's quilt.

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