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Everyone was okay with it. But then you started to think that David wanted to break up with you. So you decided to find out what was going on. The first thought was that he was cheating on you. You pulled into his driveway, took a deep breath and walked up to the door and walked inside. There was laughter coming from the living room. In the living room was David, Zane, Scott, and Liza.

Jason looked Alex up and down. Originally posted by thenwedied.

A normal night of the guys vlogging turned into an invitation to a party. Of course, David became excited at the offer, the guys sober was some good content, but the guys intoxicated was even better content. After some convincing, David got everyone to agree to going, then his eyes landed on you. Your body was laid on the couch, as you debated.

Although you were not 21, you were often invited to the kickbacks and parties. David seemed somewhat relived as he let out a breath. Usually, you would decline the offer since the parties they attended were usually insane, but with everyone screaming for you to go, you had to give in.

You trudged back towards the living room to see everyone standing and David with camera in hand. You began to climb in the back until you realized there was no room and moved towards the passenger seat.

Flash after flash lit up the car, blinding you and they all cheered and chanted loudly, causing David to laugh loudly. You glanced over to him with a small smile.

David chewed on his bottom lip, focusing his gaze on the road. Your eyes glanced over to him to see him gulp, nervously.

For the rest of the ride, you sat quietly as Zane, Heath, Corinna and Todd jammed out in the back, creating occasional laughter from David.

Once you arrived and David found a parking spot, you rushed out of the car. As everyone hopped out, Heath took a deep breath before saying:. The initial reek of must and weed hit your nostrils, causing you to make a slight face of disgust. You all maneuvered through the crowd and towards the alcohol. Without another thought, you through the bottle of alcohol back, letting the clear substance burn down your throat.

Before you knew it, cameras were pointed towards you and flash was pouring through the room. From the corner of your eye, you saw David grabbing a bottle himself and chugging some other alcohol that was set up on the counters. Throwing your head back, you laughed loudly before looking towards everyone.

The pit of sadness in your stomach was long forgotten. You grinned as you danced with them, your body completely intoxicated and felt every second of the song bumping through the house and vibrating through your body. Zane and Heath started twerking on one another sloppily. Your hips swayed as you threw your hands in the air. Next to you was Corinna and Todd, dancing and kissing, causing you to cringe and laugh simultaneously. The sadness that was in the pit of your stomach earlier from David had escaped you as you happily swayed to the music.

About an hour or two of dancing left your body exhausted. Slowly, you worked your way through the crowds to find a living room with some couches. You plopped down on the open couch and let your eyes close for a couple of seconds as you inhaled the slightly cooler, less BO ridden air.

Once your eyes opened, you saw David sitting on the couch across from you. Suddenly, the twinge of pain returned to you, making you feel a little queasy.

David said nothing as his eyes pored into yours. A body flopping down on the cushion next to you, broke your eye contact with David. Some guy sat there, his arm flung on the cushion behind your back. His blue eyes were bright, his teeth were pearly white, his tan skin glowed with a layer of sweat and his brown hair was messy, most likely from the humidity of the house. You blushed slightly before thanking him. Your eyebrows furrowed at his outburst. The guy sat next to you was absolutely breathtaking.

Jake took hold of your hand and spun you around so your back would be pressed to his chest. Once he started to grind on you, his true intentions became clear. Without another thought, you peeled your body off him and rushed off towards the kitchen. A curse word or two was screamed at you as you continued to hurry to the kitchen.

The first thing you saw once you walked in was David with his back leaned against the counter. His gaze remained on the floor. Your body felt weak and tired, so you pressed your back against the counter opposite from him. David laughed with sarcasm and shook his head. You let dickheads treat you horribly. Not the dumbasses you try for. Your lips parted as your slowed brain processing tried to make sense of what he just said.

You tried to form words as his own words sunk in, creating the crimson red to take over your cheeks and whole body. He laughed at your reaction before dipping his head down. Another moment passed before he leaned in and your let your eyes flutter shut before his lips pushed against yours slightly hard before the kiss softened.

He deepened the kiss and let his hands hold your waist gently as your arms snaked their way around his neck. The kiss was gentle and slightly needy. Affection and passion poured from his mouth to yours and yours to his. You were the one to pull away first in order to look up and admire him and the moment that just took place.

Your head laid against his chest as he held you in his arms. He laughed loudly and you felt it through his whole body. There was no doubt that this party was going to be one of the biggest their neighbourhood had ever seen from the vlog squads house yet, and you had the privilege of going.

You were fairly new to the group of friends, as you had only moved to California five months ago and had only just been welcomed into the group four months ago after you Toddy finally asked you out to lunch after bumping into each other at the gym on numerous occasions. At first you thought it was a date, which put you slightly on edge. Being alone with him made you feel uneasy, almost as if you were constantly on the edge of your seat; full high alert. A few had minutes passed and the two of you talked about the expected small talk topics.

As Jason sat down everyone introduced themselves to you. Next was Scotty, you remember admiring the detail and mix of tattoos sprawled across his body, as well as the golden gleam he resonated when he smiled at you. Then it was Zane who you immediately felt welcomed with, because of his warm and inviting personality, it was if everything about him made you smile. It was like you were all old friends meeting up for the first time in a long time and they all made you feel this way.

All except for Heath. Heath was the last person to introduce himself, and when your gaze met his your stomach did a backflip, your prior thoughts melted away into puddles, it was hard to believe you could feel this way by simply introducing themself.

The more you got to know Heath the more you started to like him. He was unquestionably funny and you loved the relationship he and Zane seemed to share. You learned more about their vine careers as well as their youtube personalities and came to make even more friends, especially David, and Liza. Even upon first meeting Heath you knew you liked him and the more time you spent with the even stronger your feelings grew, but you tried your hardest to ignore them.

It was no secret that Heath had no shame in getting up close and personal with whoever, so whenever it seemed like he was flirting with you or treating you like he saw you as more than just a friend, you ignored it. To you, that was just Heath being Heath, nothing more, nothing less. The night of the party came quickly. You arrived a few hours early to help the boys set up their impressive array of food and alcohol choices, as well as hiding anything breakable from Christine. Zane was in charge of setting up the cheap 99c store decorations, Scott was tidying up the house, Todd was cleaning the pool area, Elton was setting up a safe space for Circa and you were in charge of setting up the food.

What game was Heath playing at? Of course Heath had a girlfriend, he probably wanted you to come to the party so he could introduce you to her, nothing more, nothing less. These thoughts swelled inside your head, you almost felt numb. You snapped out of your daydream, only to look up and see Toddy looking down at you with a worried expression. There was a brief moment of silence between the two of you.

Todd looked at down at you and his eyes seemed to sparkle when he looked in your direction. His mouth sat sweetly in a charming smile which only caused you to smile in return. Do you need any help here? The two of you were opening boxes and bags of drinks and snacks, but most of all you were laughing together.

A lot of your jokes were fired quickly to which Todd could fire back just as fast, not to mention you absolutely loved how Todd could keep up with your banter. The two of you spoke for so long you lost track of time and by the time the two of you had finished your set up people started to arrive.

The night started off with a boom. The house was full almost immediately, to the point where some people had to hang out in the drive way of the house. The music was pumping and everyone was having the time of their lives. Todd had helped you get your mind off Heath and when David and Liza showed up, they only made you feel better. David had brought four 26 pound gummy snakes which drove everyone insane and with Gabbie and Liza dancing, everyone followed suit, needless to say you were having the time of your life, all until you spotted Heath.

At first you were excited, you had forgotten what had happened to make you sad, until you saw her. You stood still in the middle of a room full of raving people. You then walked up to Zane Toddy and pulled the both of them backwards by their shoulders. You brought them back to the place you were standing, a spot in the middle of the dance floor where you could see Heath and the blonde conversing in the kitchen. When you looked over again, Heath and the girl had disappeared.

Your conversations were quiet but rowdy all the same, with the main theme of conversation being the frat-party vibe you were getting from each other because of the seven of you drinking from red solo cups. With one swift movement, Heath now stood across the space from you, between David and Todd. His eyes scanned the room to see who was occupying the space, and as soon as his eyes laid their sights on you, he stopped.

Pushing past Heath and David and running up to Elijah who was leaning on the counter space next to you. What do you want?

However, the bond that he shares with his fellow YouTubers including Scotty Sire and Heath Hussar has aroused the rumors on his sexuality. Internet personality Zane Hijazi is known for his collaboration on the Vine phenomenon with his video partner, Heath Hussar, who creates. First Zane and Gabbi Hanna, then Zane and Natalie & now Zane and Stassiebaby; seems like Zane Hijazi is quite good at stirring his own.

Everyone in the area began to smile and laugh at the shenanigans now occurring in the tiny kitchen space. Phones were brought out and videos were being recorded, only to be pasted to Instagram and Snapchat seconds later. The bump caused your arm to jolt towards you, and the contents of your red solo cup came out with it, covering you in keg grade alcohol. You sat there on the counter, looking down at the mess that had now been sprawled out across some of your best clothing, your mouth gapping open slightly in surprise.

Everyone looked at you concerned and awkward, awaiting your reaction nervously. After a few seconds, you sat up straight and looked forward. You could tell everyone was expecting a chaotic reaction but what you delivered is what kept the night alive and well. The light flickered on slowly, illuminating the room dimly, revealing an unexpectedly well-kept room.

He looked away, looking slightly flushed. When Heath left you could feel yourself heat up. You were alone in his room, and it just felt so right to be there.

R zane and heath dating

After a few minutes of browsing your choices, you found it. The simple black shirt that Heath always wore. You loved it when he wore this shirt as it hugged him in all the right places and would often, accentuate the bulk of his biceps. You checked your surroundings to make sure it was safe to remove you clothing - clear. You began looking at yourself from different angles, completely enthralled by your simple but cute outfit. You were still in front of the mirror when Heath walked in with a pair of black white striped shorts.

Heath then walked over to you with a sly smirk on his face as his eyes devoured you, getting more and more in-depth visuals with every step he took towards you. The shorts were a little bot smaller than your usual size, but they fit nonetheless. You tucked the front of the shirt loosely into the hem of the shorts and your new outfit was complete, and not to be bashful, you looked good, and Heath knew it. He had sat down on the black leather couch across the room, leaning back relaxed, watching the way your body moved.

His eyes were drowned in lust as he took in every inch of your figure. Your voice had pulled him back to reality. The room filled with an awkward silence as Heath stood on one side of the room with you directly across from him.

If anything this was the perfect opportunity for either of you to make a move, but you were hesitant. As time past the silence became progressively more deafening. You were both lost for words. You and Heath were now inches apart from each other. Your heart rate increased rapidly, you could feel it beating in your chest. It was so strong, you feared Heath could hear it. You held his hand in place and leaned into his touch.

His other hand then rested on your hip, pulling you closer into him. You knew what was happening but it all felt like a complete fantasy. You had dreamed of this moment since the day you met Heath, but now that it was happening it all felt so surreal. He ran his through from your cheek to your hair, and you snaked your arms behind his neck and did the same, the both of you pulling one another closer.

Your breaths became heavy, your heart beats beating in time, you could stand the suspense, although still apprehensive to make a move of your own.

image. Liza: image. Zane: image. Heath: image. Scotty: image. Todd: image. Matt?: image You guys didn't start dating until a year after the break-up. (Pretend. Pairing: Zane Hijazi x Reader Your POV Dating Zane was probably one of the best things that has ever You were in the middle between Heath and Zane. . Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck / Joker in Joker . r/DavidDobrik: everything david dobrik. they didnt. just would flirt on camera. More posts from the DavidDobrik community. Continue browsing in r/DavidDobrik?.

Heath then leaned down to the base of your neck and left a trail of vehement kisses leading up your neck, stopping just below your jaw bone to leave a teasingly passionate hickey. You held back moans, gripping at Heaths hair to control yourself, but he pushed you over the edge; your moan only making him nip at your sensitive skin harder.

After leaving his mark, Heath came up for air. He was breathing heavily and you did the same, it was simple but intense.

Your mind was racing and everything melted away. He looked at you worried and confused, concerned that he may have done something to hurt you. The two of you were masked by darkness. Heath fell backward onto his bed, pulling you down with him. You landed on top of his chest, coincidentally butting your foreheads together. Although it was unnecessary and your intimate connection ended abruptly, you began to laugh, as did Heath as he too understood the stupidity of the situation. That name clicked.

From those memories, it all fell into place. The two of you embraced in a long awaited kiss, unsure of whether or not the two of you wanted to return to the party, preferring to spend the night alone together for the first time. Originally posted by trash-or-angel.

You glanced up from your phone and smiled. He laughed but took a step away from you. Zane and Heath looked at each other. My eyes shot up from my phone.

That made everyone look over at you and David. W-would she? You opened your mouth as if you were going to say something but no words came out. You raised your eyebrows and turned to David. His cheeks started to turn red. I-I was just well um, talking to Zane and somehow you got brought up and we just started to talk.

zane and dom

Talking about girls is normal. Meaning I find you to be gorgeous and then I said something about kissing you I guess. Is anyone else sweating? But none of them spoke. Just stared at the two of you. You looked at David and you could tell he was embarrassed.

He looked at his feet. You took a step closer to him and tried to decide if you should reach out for him or not. Taking one final step you leaned forward your lips crashing onto his. He staggered back a bit but you steadied him by putting your hands on his cheeks.

zane and andrea

Enjoying the feeling of just being surrounded by people you love and by people who love you. There was something about being surrounded by them that made you feel happy and comfortable, and took away all of your worries.

The world around you seemed to blur together as you looked at the people around you, listening to the music blasting through the speakers and the sounds of laughter mixing together. You took a deep breath and smiled, the cup in your hand reminding you of the drink you had been sipping on all night. The couch moved beside you and you looked over to the side to see who had sat down beside you, recognizing the twin quickly from the birthmark on his chin.

Grayson smiled at you before leaning in and whispering in your ear. Your eyes tracked the room and you quickly made eye contact with the boy you had come with, David staring at you with his eyes narrowed.

He looked quickly, trying his hardest to not make it noticeable that he was looking. David quickly looked away as you leaned into the other, trying to distract himself from the scene at hand. Grayson had been your friend for almost as long as he had been living in L.

Oct 16, They are totally dating it's not even funny anymore. o r i o n Alex Ernst, Zane Hijazi Zane And Heath, Kristen Mcatee, Liza Koshy And David. David and Scott are incredibly lucky to date the hottest girls. p.s. Zane is such a diva. #scotty sire#toddy smithy#zane hijazi#vlog squad#kristen mcatee#liza. Learn about Zane Hijazi: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. The two created videos for their collaborative channel Zane and Heath. He began dating Stassiebaby in

David and you had met at Vidcon, where you had gone with the twins as their surprise guest, allowing yourself to become friends with his group. After becoming friends and letting the feelings develop between the two of you, you ended up hanging around David more, leaving the twins behind, but knowing that they were still there for you. You smiled and nodded before speaking in reply.

As the words left your mouth you saw the look of confusion take over the boys features. I like being able to help out when I can, especially for David. Grayson rolled his eyes before leaning in, about to whisper something in your ear when you felt a hand latch onto your wrist and pull you up.

The action startled you until you had realized the grip on your wrist belonged to the boy who you and Grayson had been talking about for the last ten minutes. David looked down at the twin, a frown across his face as he pulled you into his side.

His hand kept a tight hold of you not letting you pull away, wanting to keep you close to him. With that, he pulled you behind him and headed in the direction of the hallway. He continued to drag you forward and you turned your head to mouth an apology to Grayson who was now laughing harder than you had seen before. Your attention snapped back to what was going on when you were thrown into the bathroom, the door closed behind you and David standing in the way of your exit.

Is there a reason your locking me away from my friends? It was a confusing question and it made you think it over and over again. So why is it different with me huh? David was jealous of the fact that you had been hanging around with Grayson and not him, and the way you were dressed only caused the jealousy to grow.

You took a step closer to David, watching as the boy suddenly backed down and his eyes widened. He seemed shocked and alarmed by your sudden approach, not prepared for the closing of space between the two of you. You only chuckled, continuing to close the distance and reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck.


It took him a moment to compose himself before he spoke in reply to your accusation. His hands moved to your hips as the words started to pour out of his mouth, pulling your body against his own and you could feel yourself heating up underneath his touches. A shiver ran down your spine, causing David to smirk, all notions of the innocent boy now gone and replaced by someone else.

You quickly pulled away, the feeling of his hands lingering on your hips and drawing you forward. You held back as much as you could, trying your hardest not to give in. Also love ur blog. I wrote this with 2 hours of sleep and a full day of college under my belt so I hope its okay! Originally posted by margotrobbers. Not like flowers arranged in the mantelpiece or a glass scultpure. Eventually, his lack of physical closeness got to you. Usually it would have been fine.

Everything okay? You glanced away, anxiety washing over you in waves. You froze for a second, before grasping his slightly damp locks between your fingers, letting out a small whine that burnt your cheeks red. Arthur was pulling away way too soon, lips dragging over your cheekbone causing your breath to hitch as he managed to wrap himself around you, fingers swiping away a stray tear. You could hear him swallow thickly before answering. Watch the full trailer right HERE.

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