Relationship Advice for Gemini and Pisces Compatibility Matches

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces is often a bittersweet match, with equal parts harmony and frustration. The low scores represent the initial compatibility of this match. However, if you can both adapt to the others style this is a relationship which will improve steadily over time, and eventually rival any other match. These scores show the averages for data collected from my clients over the past 20 years. It's important to note however that individual relationships vary enormously. This is a summarized picture, a real compatibility reading is needed to judge a real relationship. It's also worth noting that Soulmates can be found in any sun sign match, even those which are statistically likely to have low compatibility.

Both are emotional and sensible, and to deem their relationship as very important.

Likewise, they can be both forgiving and givers as a lover. Though Gemini may speak without thinking, their sincerity and their true intentions can pacify their being tactless.

Their views and opinions have great influence in Pisces, especially in times when their idealism and many wants cause the Pisces to become unfocused. There are so many things Pisces admires about Gemini, which can make this relationship pairing quite promising.

However, just like any other, both signs have set dissimilarities that can hinder the growth of their relationship. Geminis are known as good orators; they have the gift of gab. They can charm almost anyone, but they sometimes fail to think before they speak. Likewise, both Pisces and Gemini are full of energy towards everything.

Both have enthusiasm to start something new, but fail to finish it to the end. Neither has any focus, and this can wear them both down easily. If neither one steps out and breaks the habit, they will both remain undirected all throughout the relationship. Lastly, Gemini with their dual nature can be so unpredictable. Pisces will never know when their Gemini partner's mood swings will strike or how they will react to given situations.

And though, they can be adaptable and flexible, Geminis rarely reciprocate any commitment. Don'ts with this Relationship. This relationship can start really well for Pisces and Gemini, but as it progresses, their set differences start cropping up. Pisces constant need for affection and reassurance that they are loved and appreciated can tire Gemini and put them off.

Pisces can get hurt when Gemini fails to notice the very qualities they liked about them in the first place. Pisces can be emotionally overpowering while Gemini remains averse to their feelings.

Reading your Daily Gemini Love Horoscope with help you understand these traits so you can learn to better compromise with your partner. It is important that both learn to adapt to each other's personalities for this relationship to work. Pisces should not forget that Gemini is a popular person.

They can mingle with everybody from all walks of life, and because of Pisces' possessiveness, their Gemini partner can pull away from them.

Being an intellectual person, Gemini may often speak before they can think. This leads to tactless conversations and arguments.

Learn about love compatibility between Gemini and Pisces. Both signs are love chameleons that can cultivate a thrilling but turbulent affair. This is a dark and broody combination with mystical undertones. Not everyone's cup of tea but there's a musicality and craziness that just might make it work. Read a Detailed Examination of Gemini and Pisces Compatibility Relationships. Jordan Canon Describes Which Traits Mesh Well and Which May Be an Issue.

They can be restless, and quick to change in a varied atmosphere. Pisces should not be too sensitive when these things happen. It is Gemini's simple nature. They should learn to let such things pass and learn to adapt to their ways for this relationship to work.

Gemini, on the other hand, must learn to evaluate themselves first before they scrutinize or ignore their Pisces mate as they can be overly emotional and sensitive.

They should not utter words that can start a fire. In addition, they should not become overly sociable as their Pisces can be jealous and emotionally possessive. You will learn more about this when you read your Daily Horoscopes for Gemini. Learn the best relationship matches for your sign and find out which ones will be the most challenging for your soul as a tool to help you evolve and improve your relationship through advanced communication skills. Most Compatible. Gemini and Libra.

The Gemini woman and the Pisces man are both full of contradictions. From the outside looking in, this relationship can, at times, seem confidently. It is a good thing there is so much creativity to Geminiís approach to sex, or they would really have difficulty making any sort of intimate connection with Pisces.? Gemini is one of the most rational signs in the zodiac and Pisces is the cureless romantic and one of the most. Love match compatibility between Gemini and Pisces zodiac signs. Read about the Gemini love relationship with Pisces zodiac sign.

Gemini and Aquarius. Gemini and Leo. Gemini and Scorpio. Gemini and Cancer. One other reason to keep them together is the similarity between Gemini and Pisces in their awe for the beauty of nature.

Pisces and gemini dating

Neither of them is fully attentive to anything, so trying to hold their concentration is futile. They are both keen on slipping themselves in and out of a situation whenever they feel the need or desire to do so. Although Gemini stays keen, sharp and quick witted and Pisces tends to show a softer understanding, they both stay quick on their feet when maneuvering in and out of the mental ways.

The smallest of indications needs to be nipped in the butt before they grow into phenomenal proportions and ruin such a unity. Gemini and Pisces are quite different from each other and so the relations they have goes through many twists and turns before they settle down for sometime. Friends, colleagues and siblings together with relatives are not very interfering in each others lives.

Their bond is pleasant and friendly with lots to share and learn.

A commercial tie can be a trouble for both of them as they both tend to dream and slip from one idea to the other. Romantic relationship of Gemini and Piscean has to face many bumpy roads as they are both very different in their expression of love with different needs.

Gemini and Pisces: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Parenthood is gladly accepted by Pisces while Gemini takes it at another experience of life and similar is with them when they enjoy their childhood. The relationships between Gemini and Pisces are as unpredictable as any relationship can be.

To try to explore into the mind of a Pisces is something that is not tolerated by them. Without the response Gemini loves to create from Pisces, the Gemini begins to get bored and perhaps let their relationship ends or get rotten. They coldly pick Pisces apart and find out what makes them tick. They figure out the troubles in the Pisces and attempt to put them back together again after giving their own sense of solution.

They walk away and move onto the next best thing, leaving Pisces to ponder around the pieces left for years to come. If enough give and take is shown on both sides through support, faith and encouragement, there is a chance that this union can be a good one. Pardon me for being so bold as to answer this but I felt compelled to do so. Your description of this dismal relationship echoes my own personal experience with a piscean female pretty much to a tee, and by that I refer to the emotional mindfield that you appear to have been going through, sweet anonymous human, I relate to you.

Then it began For the next 15 years!. Like I need to answer that hmm? Your worth more than that in every respect and those who tell you other wise are only portraying their own inadiquacies upon you, but i digress!

The real reason I wanted to reply is to tell you that I know how it feels, I know they are enthruling, intoxicating, have honeyed words that resonate through your soul and stay with you, it can become almost addictive. I would never think to do something so callous, so disrespectful.

It made me feel like I was worthless, a failure. I of course now know this to be the complete opposite, teenage years are harsh.

Pisces, we pisces, are some of the nicest caring people around, but we harbour a dark inner core, that only some are allowed to see. For me that is the hardest thing to know but the only way I can accept moving on.

Gemini and Pisces

Enjoy the moments you had and focus upon making more with a better, more openly honest human. Not all pisces are like this, as I said I am one, and would do anything for the woman who would give me a piece of her heart. All the things that are worth it in life never come easy. As for yourself, please remember that your mind, no matter how much we all say we can take in life, is still fragile.

Look at life from all perspectives including through the eyes of the person causing you the most grief, because to have one directional views in life, is to bring about ruin.

I gave it for his love. Im a pisces in love with a gemini man. We met on line and fell in love but he in the Army and they shipped him to Nigeria.

Its made it difficult for us to. He was suppose to come home for Christmas and we were suppose to meet. Ive barely heard from him and didnt even. My feelings are very hurt and I told him just to loose my number.

My heart is breaking at the thought of not being with him. Can you please give me some advice? I am a Pisces woman and my relationship with a Gemini man has been rough at best.

When Gemini and Pisces come together for love or any kind of relationship, it's surreal and also moody! But these two commitment-phobes actually find common?. Their only trouble is the communication breakdowns that can result if.

We love each other dearly but we have become toxic. We are determined to put the effort in as we both believe we were brought back together for a reason. Fingers crossed! Reading this hit me hard. He knows me better than anyone. We both love and care for each other very much. When she first declared we were dating, I was really really excited.

I still get dreams of her, and like how great she is, how cute she is, blah blah etc. I will admit, I still really love her. Love you dearly, Sara. Once a friend of mine liked him and he liked her so she asked me if it was ok but I still loved him but I told her it was ok so they ended up together but they have broken up.

Everybody who knows him says to me that no one will ever love him as I do. What should I do to make him notice me? This is an extremely sensative sign for a Gemini. Especially a Gemini woman who loves intellectual banter and is quick to draw conclusions about a persons character.

Pisces has a sensativity and intuitiveness that always draws me to them, despite the fact that I know this is not a good lasting love match.

The relationships, inevitably, never end well. But the murky waters that pisces thrives in peaks the endless curiosity of child-like Gemini. Pisces Woman married to Gemini Man. Not great or ideal. I can understand how Pisces can be led to: If fighting the odds is the only way, they hide and run from it delving themselves into something more consuming than what is facing them, like music, creativity, religion, science, a dedication to friends and loved ones, even drugs or alcohol.

I seriously need to feel positivity, love, and support along with not feeling worried or stressed. I feel angry at my self for not chosing a better mate, the sacrificies are irriversible now and it devistates me. We drive each other crazy though we love one another. It is hard for me not to speak what is on my mind and he prefers I just not say and accept things how they are.

It drives me crazy if I am not able to express.

I believe in being straight up up front and honest so being quiet and holding in my thoughts is a hard task. I am a one man woman and I give my heart to who ever I fall in love with whole heartedly.

When I am in loveI can not place my thoughts and mind on any other man. He pices has many woman friends and he has told me most of them are attracted to him and are in love with him.

It is like I am always having to wait my turn with him and if I ask him if I am not important enough to plce first above his women friends, he says I am being selfish and that I have a problem with him having friends.

I became attracted to him because he can carry a conversation. I have known other men and they seem to speak in short sentences and they do not have a variety of inteerests like the pices I simply adore and Love. I think right now the only issue we really have is that I need to know I am important in his life yet I find myself sitting on the sideline having to wait my turn.

He has many friends which consist of men and women but I seem to be just a number to him a whole lot of the time. He has a magnetic personality and anyone who comes in contact with him adores him.

What am I not understanding here. It drives me crazy having to sit and not understand. This is why conversation is so important to me.

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

Honesty, upfront and no secrets is how I communicate. I am a Gemini woman,had a 5 year relationship with a Pisces man,who was Irish also, btw. He was tender and loving however he could never tell the truth about anything. He lied about the simplest things when telling the truth would have been so simple.

When Gemini and Pisces come together in a love affair, they can make a very empathetic and mutually satisfying couple. Gemini is cerebral, quick-witted and. Find out Pisces and Gemini Compatibility in bed, love match and marriage life. Read full horoscope and meter to see how both sign compatible with each other. Gemini and Pisces compatibility. Our guide to dating, love and sex in Gemini Pisces relationships. With scores, forums and advice.

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