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Inuyasha Chat 2: The "Date"

Here is the next chapter to InuYasha Forever Love. Also Thanks for the reviews kaitlynpope Kagome sat in her room and ate her birthday cake alone. Kagome's mom,brother,and grandpa went to a friends house. But Kagome told her mom that she wanted to stay home and that she had a date. Kagome just sat in the chair at her desk,just staring at the flowers that are still on her bed. Meanwhile in InuYasha's time.

She loves you too, Inuyasha. A few feet away Ayame and Kagome were chatting.

Like mother like daughter. Starts dating the man of their dreams at fifteen, married them by eighteen? I'm glad they have each other though. Their fathers have given them worse than hell this past year. Kagome looked at her fourteen year old son Takai and Ayame's thirteen year old daughter Kaoru talking and definitely flirting.

Only time will tell. But I'll tell you one thing. Prom night, their first date, I told Koga that 'nothing would come of their relationship. The end. Love it? Hate it? Don't care? Tell me!

If you're gonna flame, just do it. I honestly don't really care. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kagome and Inuyasha's eldest daughter, Keiko, is a fifteen year old freshman going on her first date.

Not only does Inuyasha think she's too young to date, but he doesn't think WHO she's dating is very First Date "It'll be fine, daddy.

You're not old enough to go out with a boy. Or you're better than him? Besides, half the teachers will be there to supervise and-" Inuyasha didn't let her finish.

I know what happens there. You're grounded. Kagome nodded. She's going with a boy! Who is it? Then she muttered something. Inuyasha snorted. Multiple times. At Kiyoshi's house, things weren't going much better.

It's his senior prom, Koga. But he can't go with Inuyasha's daughter. Koga sighed. That mutt just gets on my nerves, and his daughter probably would too.

Koga and Ayame were both silent as they stared at the door. Ayame threw him an incredulous look. Get out. Kiyoshi looked up from the ground. The girls hadn't come down yet. Daddy didn't grill you too bad, did he? We were in high school once too. You never told me that. Besides Kagome She's my baby girl, my little princess. I gave you hell, Kagome.

Inuyasha and kagome dating fanfic

Besides, he seemed more like Ayame than Koga. I don't know why I'm sweatin over this girl su mitch.

The perfect date. Inuyasha Takashi has it all he's handsome, smart, rich, and charming, everything Kagome needs to make her gorgeous. Kagome and Inuyasha's eldest daughter, Keiko, is a fifteen year old freshman going on her first date. Not only does Inuyasha think she's too. Kagome goes on a date with Hojo and Inuyasha is miffed ^_^. It's cute well if Kagome found a blush tinge her cheeks as she remembered.

Ball de obe gills I mated be're notin to be. InuYasha was so intoxicated that they couldn't even speak right. But they weren't the only ones drinking.

InuYasha sounded like he was telling the truth. Maybe Kikyo was lying, you know how she be. Sango made her way over to Inu and Miroku's dorm. She knocked on the door to see InuYasha and Miroku with liquor on the couch having a crazy time. InuYasha passed Sango some liquor and put his arm around her asking about Kagome. He may have been drunk but he still had enough since to ask about her. See is a total mess without you. I say you two just squash what ever happened and start dating again.

I mean yall lookted so cute when I saw yall on dat couch. And I think that I think cause yall should get back together. Sango jumped on top of InuYasha and started kissing him. Both of them knew it was wrong, but they were to intoxicated to react.

Inuyasha Chat 2: The "Date"

InuYasha took her into his room staggering, they laid on the bed and Sango began taking her clothes off and jumping on top of InuYasha again. InuYasha looked at Sango and Sango looked back. InuYasha thought about stopping, but he couldn't help it.

That night Kagome didn't even notice that Sango didn't come back, a soon as Sango left kagome passed out on the bed. She dreamed that her and InuYasha had made up and were back dating.

She dreamt that they were happy together and Kikyo wasn't around to mess anything up. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

InuYasha,Kagome,Sango,and Miroku have all enrolled into college. They want to just have fun and party. But lets just say you don't always get what you want. I wanted to go ahead and post chapter 3. I know i probably wont be able to write C. I'll be out in a minute. Something smells good! Thanks for having use for breakfast! Sango, we're going to be late for our first class!

All I have to say is good luck to ya. I just hope my teacher is hot! Oh and thanks for the breakfast. Lets take a seat before he comes in. I am your professor and lecturer Totosai. I hope that we will all" "Man, for an old guy with hardly any hair he sure has a lot of dandruff.

Whatcha doin? My next class don't start for another hour. Mine doesn't either. I'd love to. We're getting it and that's that! Kagome just looked at her. I will. Your back. There is something I have to ask you. Did anything happen between you and Kikyo last night? Did you sleep with her? Either you did or you didn't! What's going on? It might work. It's better then sitting around doing nothing about it. Okay, I'm going in.

Be like that. But you know you can't resist me for too long.

You should talk who Sangho. She could talk to cakeoma for you. Why don't I go over there and see if I can get something out of him? See how miserable he is without me. Here I go. Want some? I'm going to bed. All of a sudden my head started felling hard. She won't lissssen to anybang I sayyy.

I'll hug him! I'll embrace him! I'll go arm in arm with him!

And not to mention, I'll eat with him, feed him, play with him, watch a movie with him, and oh yes! I raised my head and looked at her.

Saying so, she showed her tongue and darted out of the room, slamming the door behind. It was going to be a bad day! Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Kagome and InuYasha get in a fight over Kikyo. InuYasha While Kagome is left in her time, she decides to go on a date with Hojo. Who does. Inuyasha takes Kagome on their first date,but it doesn't go exactly as planned.?InuKag pleasefor those of you who gave me bad reviews. KAGOME'S DATE WITH HOJO AND INUYASHA'S DECISION. Kagome sat in her room and ate her birthday cake alone. Kagome's mom,brother.

Kagome goes out on a date with Hojo, the most popular guy of her class, who has a huge crush on her. But little does she know of a jealous half dog stalking her and her 'boyfriend' on this weird date. Will this turn out romantic?

Or will everything be ruined? Read to find out. A modern "Kagome x Inuyasha" - And review please. When will she stop that?! Come on! This is getting irritating! Not again!

I again found myself being bandaged by her. It was getting irritating. What the fuck! And I Why are you stammering? A vein appeared on my forehead!

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Inuyasha, Kagome H. - Chapters: 2 Hojo never missed a phone call, a date, or an anniversary. Kagome goes out on a date with Hojo, the most popular guy of her class, who has a huge crush on her. But little does she know of a jealous. As InuYasha fell asleep he dreamed about everybody. He could see Miroku, Sango and Kagome all at the table laughing and having a good.

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