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Herpes Rejection: How I Deal With It

I was 21 years-old when I contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend. And let me just say that I really do hate that word- herpes. It doesn't have an abbreviation, it doesn't roll off your tongue like say, chlamydia. It just kind of sticks in your mouth like a wad of stale chewing gum. So yes, I was I had been having sex for about three years. And that is always what kills me when I think about the numbers.

Dating With Herpes

We recently started to date, and I realized there was no doubt in my mind he is the one. Last night I opened up to him as things got steamy, and he went for a condom. I told him my ex gave me herpes, and we should never have sex without a condom. He froze, put his shirt back on, and told me to leave.

I have never been more devastated. I was apprehensive about telling him, but my friends and family assured me that if he cared about me like he really said, he would work around it.

I truly love this man and would totally understand if he stopped talking to me completely. All I care about is his happiness and safety.

But this whole ordeal has made me think that I will have to settle for someone who will have to settle with me and my disease. Like the true love I feel for this man will never be mine completely or will be ignored because of this horrible infection I have.

My self-worth has diminished to nothing, and I fear I will never be able to love or be loved.

How to enjoy your dating when living with herpes

Please help. With him gone, you can go on your merry, confident, happy way to find the guy of your dreams, who will respond to any honest sharing with love, respect, and caring. All that said, herpes!

But, rest assured, you can have a healthy sex life with or without the virus. You are not the plague. Some 80 percent of Americans have had the most common form of herpes, HSV-1, at some point in their lives, according to HerpesOnline.

America is a veritable herpes party, really.

Ergo, you are not alone. You know what that would be? Still, dating with herpes can get complicated.

The % Free Online UK Dating and Social Network For People With HSV/Herpes. The herpes virus is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. The fear of telling someone or the rejection was so strong. I've had some partners flat-out reject me in anger, others ghost, and a But eventually when I started dating again, I gathered the courage to.

For some expert advice, I turned to Dr. You most definitely did the right thing by telling him and letting him know that condoms should be used every time, unless you both want a pregnancy.

Your timing was off, though. I thrust myself into social situations like going out to bars, parties or events happening in the city.

Herpes and dating rejection

I tried to meet new friends through people I knew. I kept my eyes peeled for attractive men that I could lure in with my charm and wit HA.

Would he still date me if he found out? Do I even have to tell him? What if he ends up really liking me and this is a deal breaker and it hurts too much to deal with?

Some people join dating sites that specifically cater to the STD they have hoping to meet someone in the same situation as themselves to make it easier.

Some people are so depressed and psychologically burdened by the stigma that they lose motivation to date at all.

I originally loved the idea of it and thought it would make my life easier. At least go on a few dates with anyone you want. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page.

The truth is, some people will reject you when they find out you have herpes. To quote a herpes support forum poster, "dating with herpes can. And I never thought twice about safe sex, STDs, or if someone I was dating or If someone rejected me for strictly having herpes they were usually a person that. Don't let genital herpes keeping you from dating. Some practical tips Anyone who dates should be prepared for rejection. The person you're.

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I was 21 years-old when I contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend. And let me just say that I really do hate that word- herpes. It doesn't. How can I feel less discouraged about trying to date with herpes? "Rejection comes from both the fear of the STI itself - which stems from a. After living with herpes - genital HSV1 - for the last 5 years, a year-old I have never been rejected sexually from disclosing my diagnosis. casually dating and having sex with said that my herpes was the reason they did.

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